What I’ve Watched Recently

I haven’t posted in a while and I guess that’s cause I’m super busy with the 3rd year of my degree, but I really just wanna write down my thoughts about some movies and TV shows I’ve watched recently. These are all anime based, two studio ghibli films and two anime’s that I’ve watched all the way through. WARNING: there will be spoilers in this post, so if you want to watch these at some point either don’t read this post or only read the very beginning and very end of each paragraph.

Whisper of the Heart:


Whisper of the Heart is the first ghibli film I’ll be discussing. This is one of those ghibli films that I recommend to those people who like anime but don’t like some of the weird or non-logical aspects of anime and the ghibli films. If you’ve watched other ghibli films, like Spirited Away, then you’ll know what I mean about the weird sort of aspect of anime and the ghibli films, but this film is just a simple film for escapism. It’s about this girl called Shizuku who loves to read and write, but lacks confidence to achieve her ambitions and this is becoming more of a concern as she is currently taking her exams to get into high school. One day she meets a boy named Seiji and at first he teases her a lot consequently making her dislike him, but then they bond over his grandfathers antique shop. It is through this that she finds out that he wants to become a master violin craftsman, and is planning on going to Italy to study with the best craftsmen in the world. Inspired by his determination to achieve his dream, Shizuku decides to write a book before he comes back from Italy. She names this book ‘Whisper of the Heart’ (hence the title of the film) and it features the cat that she saw inside Seiji’s grandfathers shop. Once finished, though the book isn’t perfect, she is encouraged to continue writing as everyone can see her potential and they know it is what she loves to do. When Seiji get back from Italy, he tells Shizuku that although he was good enough to continue studying in Italy he has decided to stay in Japan and go to high school with Shizuku. Naturally over time they have fallen in love with each other and the audience is left with the couple going forward towards their dreams together into high school, all living happily ever after. It’s so wholesome and cute, and it’s just about normal problems and situations that everyone goes through and that’s why I recommend it to those who just want to immerse themselves in some typical school drama and love.

Howl’s Moving Castle


Howl’s Moving Castle is one of those ghibli films that I don’t recommend to people who don’t like the weird aspect of anime and studio ghibli. Basically it is the opposite of Whisper of the Heart, if you liked watching Spirited Away then you’ll like Howl’s Moving Castle. It’s about this girl called Sophie who works in her father’s old hat shop and she always concerns herself with others before herself, and she has never seen herself as beautiful. One day after work she runs into Howl who is a wizard and is known for eating the hearts of beautiful women. At first she didn’t know it was Howl and plus he seemed like the last person to eat a girls heart, as he was so charming and sweet. A witch finds out that they had interacted and she gets jealous as she is in love with Howl, and therefore curses Sophie to make her an old women. Unable to talk about her curse to anyone and no longer able to be seen by her friends and family, she goes off into the hills to find Howl and to break the curse. She finds Howls Moving Castle and meets a series of other characters, who soon become her new family as she learns who Howl really is. She finds out that Howl is under his own curse and together they both work to break their curses and to stop the war that is currently ragging on between two kingdoms. It ends with them both breaking their curses, the war coming to an end, and Howl and Sophie falling deeply in love as they continue to live in the moving castle with their newly found family. This film is full of action, its tense at times, its humorous, and Sophie is a strong female lead who we all aspire to be. With How; being a wizard their are a lot of weird aspects with magic and such, but he is a sweet character who learns to find himself along with Sophie and they both find a purpose for living, which is each other ❤ its cute I loved it.

Your Lie In April


Your Lie in April is the first of the two anime’s I’ll be talking about, and like most anime’s I got so emotionally invested in the story and characters that I was so sad when it was over. This is an anime that again I would recommend to people who just enjoy watching anime for some cute, teenage drama and love. Its about this boy named Kōsei who is an incredible pianist but vowed never to play piano again after his childhood trauma. This is until he meets Kaori who is an amazing violinist who wants Kōsei to be her accompanist. He chooses not to play piano anymore due to his mothers pressuring him to play perfectly and beating him when he didn’t. Eventually, she died of a terminal illness when he was younger and after that he choose not to play again, yet everyone he meets remembers him for being the best pianist that inspired so many people. Eventually Kaori persuades him to accompany her on stage, and although her methods are unconventional she is by far the best in the competition. They end up practising together and continuing to play their instruments, but Kaori is hiding a secret. She is extremely ill herself and she is trying to hide it from Kōsei, but eventually it becomes too much. As well as coming to terms with his mothers death in the past and learning to let go of her overbearing shadow that still lurked around him, Kōsei is now having to confront the fact that he is now losing another person that means so much to him. Eventually, Kaori dies too and in her final letter to Kōsei she confesses her love for him and he was the one to inspire her to become a violinist in the first place so that one day they could play on the same stage as each other, and in the end her dreams were fulfilled. It is so emotional, but it has a lot of real life issues that we all go through in our lives and all the characters together create a truly beautiful but realist picture of the reality that teenagers go through. It’s an amazing anime, not too long which is good, and the message of pursing your dreams and living life to the fullest remains with you long after the anime is over.

Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club 


I have been wanting to watch this anime for so long, and now I’ve finished the whole thing within like two days and I absolutely love it! So I would recommend this to my female friends who are into high school anime’s and you’ll soon see why. Free is about a high school swimming team so naturally there are a lot of toned anime bodies in swimming trunks all the time. Not gunna lie, was very aesthetically pleasing but the story is great too. It is about these 4 guys: Haruka (main character black hair centre), Makoto (brown hair behind Haru), Nagisa (blonde hair looking forward), and Rei (blue hair at the back with glasses), who are all part of Iwatobi high school’s swimming club. Haru, Makoto and Nagisa start the club together and have been swimming for years and used to compete competitively. They used to swim with their friend Rin (black training suit with purple hair) who now goes to a different school and has seemed to be more bitter than he used to be when e was younger. They all used to compete in the relay with each other and they were an amazing team but Rin went to a different school to the others in Australia to become a better swimming, when he changed attitude towards swimming and the guys but no one knows why. In order to compete and to swim again, Haru, Makoto and Nagisa have to create a swim club at their school, but for it to be official they need a fourth member. Nagisa decides that the best person would be Rei, a high intelligent athlete who only participates in athletics because that is the only sport he deems as beautiful. However, he is eventually persuaded to join them but in order to compete in competitions again and to gain the club some prestige they need to work hard together on their individual events, and to persuade Haru to participate in rely as he claims he’ll only swim “free”. Haru doesn’t care about times or improvement, he just wants to swim, but he is the best and the other admire him so much that participating in relay with Haru is their dream. They also have their work cut out with Rei who despite joining the club in the end doesn’t know how to swim. This anime is all about these guys working hard at something that they love, rekindling their passion for swimming, and achieving their dreams together. It’s also about friendship and the bond that they all share with each other through swimming, even their bond with Rin who they were such good friends with when they were younger. It’s funny, it adventurous, its tense, and exciting, and being a person who loved sport so much when they were younger it really connects with me on that level as I remember what it was like to train, work as a team and eventually win. I loved Free and it has a second season too called Free! – Eternal Summer, which get slightly more serious as Haru, Makoto and Rin approach graduation and have to start considering their future. It relatable and it’s just fun to watch to see, again, characters working together and encouraging each other in their passions and dreams.


That’s it, these are the most recent films and TV shows in the world of anime that I have watched and I will be re-watching all of these at some point I am sure. Hope this was a fun read for you all and if you’ve watched these, or are planning on watching them then let me know what you think in the comments. Hope you’re all having a fabulous day and I’ll see you next time 🙂

Alice xxx


I Love Him

It’s amazing when you are in love. Life will never be the same again. Every moment, awake and asleep, he is on my mind, and my heart is always with him.

I love him. He makes my world go around. It truely hits me when I see him in his most natural form. Seeing him play the guitar on stage, I feel so proud of him and so honoured and lucky to know someone as amazing as him, and to be in his life. I see every inch of his body and soul, and I know that he is my one and only.

Like most people, he doesn’t see this. He doesn’t regard himself as perfect, but he should, because he is. I only feel at peace when he is by my side and that in itself is a true mark of someone very special.

I think he’s funny, fun, kind, and caring. I think he’s handsome, loving, and gorgeous. My heart pounds against my chest every time I think about him, and how much better my life is because of him.

He makes me feel confident, safe, courageous, and important. He makes me feel beautiful, loved, and complete. I’ve never been the best at expressing myself, I’ve also never been the best at letting myself go, but he changes that. He makes me a better person, and I am finally learning how to live my life to the fullest because of him.

I’m not perfect. I can be better, but I know that. I want to do what I can for him, because he means everything to me. It’s difficult when we’re apart. We are barely together. It’s hard and it makes us both very sad, and supporting each other through this time is crucial, because sharing our sorrow together makes it slightly easier.

I hope he knows how much I love him. I tell him every day, but you never know. Sometimes life gets in the way. We become busy, and we have responsibilities to ourselves and to others. Yet no matter what I’m doing, he is always on my mind. When I’m working and I’m completely stressed, he is the only thought that matters. When I’m with my family, I wish he was with us, because he is a part of my family. He is the love of my life, and I hope he knows that.

I can’t imagine life without him. I want to share every moment of my life with him forever. I know he is reading this. I know he will talk to me about this. This is for him.

Hey sweetie. I know you are busy, but I know you always check my blog, even if I only update it when I feel a need to which isn’t often. I love you so much. You mean everything to me and I want this post to be that reminder if you ever need it. I’m sorry I can’t be with you every day, and therefore I can’t be there for you every day physically, but I am always there for you in spirit and I’ll always be just a text message away. I can’t tell you enough how much I love you, and how much I love life because of you. My future is a perfect vision because you are in it, and I will forever be yours. I will be better for you, I’ll make mistakes sometimes, but I hope you’ll forgive me when I do. You deserve nothing but the best, and I want to be that, I want to be the best.  I love you darling, and I’m sure I’ll speak to you soon.

Forever yours

Alice xxx


Extroverts vs Introverts

So I’m still at university by the way, and I have now moved into a house with 2 other girls. We all get along but the way I describe it to other people is that this house is just simply halls but with a lot less people. Now when you move into a house with other people obviously there are  a lot of changes, and things that are different, and one thing is the introvert vs the extrovert. (I mean you could talk about bills and other boring adult things but nobody cares about that haha XD)

The two girls that I live with are more acquaintances than friends, which I know sounds bad, but really we didn’t hang out before, we don’t hang out now, and we have our own friends anyways so its fine we all get on. But we are all different characters and one of my house mates I’d say is just like me. Keeps herself to herself, is polite when you see her, and will otherwise leave you alone, but the other is a completely different character.

She’s extroverted, and for an introvert this can sometimes be really annoying. I mean when our internet went down just a second ago, I pulled out my lip and made a sad face, but I hear my house mate in the room next to me sighing and swearing at her computer. She is a lot more expressive and cares a lot less about what anyone thinks and in some respects that can be great. However with regards to any negative emotion this can be more of a curse.

Walking home with her the other day, instead of having a nice conversation I felt like I was being interrogated as to why I wont work at McDonalds! Now to her it was probably just another normal conversation, but to me it felt like an attack when it should have just been a simple conversation :-/ and you might be wondering why I don’t say anything to her then if I felt that way, let me remind you I’m an introvert.

Being an introvert it is harder to express how you’re feeling and I am very shy and I hate confrontation, so I was never going to do that, plus the fact that I know nothing would come of it. Anyways this makes being with her more difficult and I end up getting more and more frustrated at the tiniest little thing that she does. For example if she asks if I want to join her for coffee I’m just thinking “oh my god she knows what I’m like, that I like being left alone and she knows we don’t have anything in common, why would she do this, god I wish she’d just leave me in peace”  when really I should appreciate that I received an offer in the first place.

Being introverted has its perks though, sure it might make socialising a bit more difficult but it means you appreciate and enjoy personal space. I love having time to myself in my room doing my thing, and whereas extroverts might see that as wasting my life, I see it as a time for me to unwind and for me to enjoy my life the way I want to.  And when you’re at university and you will be inevitably spending a lot of time on your own, this is a good thing. Plus I just simply like staying in, there is nothing about going out that entices me. I don’t drink, I don’t stay up all night, I’m an early riser, and so the idea of staying out late in a place where most people are probably drunk just doesn’t appeal to me. Being warm, wearing pj’s, in bed, with chocolate and a movie sounds way more appealing in my opinion haha 🙂

At the end of the day though, everyone is a little bit of both. My house mate doesn’t go out all the time and does typically keep herself to herself, and I like to dance and sing and I am not ashamed to do that when I’m completely sober, in a club, at 2am haha :-p It’s simply about finding the balance in yourself and with others that allows there to be harmony 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great day and are feeling super festive as it is getting closer to Christmas! I am now going to open my advent calendar and then go to bed haha 🙂 Night!

Alice x


My Hair

I’m not ashamed in saying that I love my hair. I love my hair and it’s probably the one thing about my appearance that I actually care about the most.

I think everyone has something about their appearance that defines them, that makes them appear as an individual and that they really love and care about. For me that just happens to be my hair 🙂

In case you didn’t know, I have short hair…I mean SHORT hair…I mean its a pixie cut, that short. Now for a girl this can be quite…lets say, interesting sometimes. I’ve gone through many different types of pixie cuts through the years and like most people, when I look at my past hair cuts I sometimes wonder what the hell I was thinking haha XD But that’s the whole point about change really isn’t it, you learn from past experiences to get a better outcome each time 🙂

So I’ve just recently had my hair cut and in my last post if you read it, I mentioned that I might dye my hair. Well for those of you who are interested, I highlighted my hair blonde, so now my hair is now blonde and brown and it looks pretty awesome, I’m super happy with it 🙂 I did try and dye my hair a lighter brown first, but you could literally see no difference, so that’s when I consulted the boyfriend and now I’ve got my highlighted blonde hair which he likes too, which is good haha 🙂

Then I obviously got my hair cut. I get it shorter than most girls would, even for girls who have short pixie hair. Basically, I don’t have long hair because I hate hair on my neck and hanging at the side of my face, so I have my side and back super short! Its actually shaved at the moment, but not so shaved that it looks like a guys it just looks like its been cut very short haha. And for the top of my hair and my fringe, I’ve learnt over time that its better to be longer. Though I like my hair short, I still like to play with my hair and style it and look after it, so having it longer allows me to do that 🙂 Also, I’ve learnt over time that it makes you look and feel more feminine which is super important when you have short hair haha :-p You know your hair is too short when you are being mistaken for a guy in your year every single day haha that happened in secondary school haha XD So I have my hair longer on the top to give my hair height and so it blends naturally with my sides and back, and then my fringe is longer to look more feminine. She actually cut my hair so where my fringe falls, she’s left that side longer to make my fringe appear longer than it is which is really cool 🙂

Now you may be wondering why the hell I decided to write about this, well I don’t know haha I feel like still although everyone who has seen my hair has liked it, and even though I like it, I still feel like its always a game of convincing people its good when I get my hair cut. Its just accepted more if girls have long hair, and they look more feminine, and when you have short hair you do get, what I call “long hair envy” at some points which can be difficult :/ I also haven’t shown my hair to my parents or sister yet. Now they’re used to me having short hair so I’m not particularly worried about showing it to them, but I also want their approval. Which is natural right? As much as people do what they want and make themselves happy, I still think they seek the approval of the people around them, and for me that’s my boyfriend, my sister and my parents. My parents, again if you don’t already know, are quite traditionalist in my opinion and they like my sister and I to look feminine because we are young ladies. Now my parents think my short hair is quite sophisticated and grown up, so I get approval for it, but its that feminine factor that I usually fail on, and I think I’m going too this time too, but that doesn’t bother me and I’ll tell you why…

To have short hair you have to have confidence. There is no way a girl can have short hair and not be confident haha :-p If you have short hair you’re going to get people looking at you and asking lots of questions etc so you have to be prepared to pull it off. I would say that I’m not really a confident human being at all, but my hair I am so confident on! You should also have confidence in the hairdressers themselves! They are professionals, everyone always say  to me “I wouldn’t trust them to cut my hair that short” and I don’t know why haha they are literally trained to make you look good and to give you what you want haha they’re going to do it haha you trust other professionals, why not a hair dresser haha? Anyways, it makes me so happy because I feel like I look good, and it makes me different and unique from everyone else. It defines “me” in my opinion which is why it means so much to me for it to look good. So although I seek the approval of the people around me, overall I love it and no one can take this aspect of me away from me, if that makes sense haha 🙂

So I hope this was entertaining for you haha and I also hope that if any of you out there were wondering what it was like to be a girl with short hair, now you know haha :-p I am happy to be back to my old self again with my short hair haha and now I’m probably gunna show my sister what my hair looks like haha I would show my parents now but knowing them they’re asleep right now haha XD Speak to you guys soon!

Alice x

Playing Safe

So first of all I’ve realised that its really hard to think of something to write if I’m in a positive mood. I don’t know what it is, its just a lot easier to write when I have something to complain about or some emotional turmoil :/

Speaking of emotional turmoil! I’ve recently been reflecting over my life and I have come to the conclusion that I play way to safe.

To bring you up to speed, I’ve started my second year of university and its great. This year so far has already been better than the entirety of last year! I’ve made a bunch of new friends, I have joined a society and I love my course, but even with all of this I still feel like somethings missing.

I remember when I was younger and I never had any regrets, I did whatever I wanted when I wanted and life felt a lot easier and happier. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my life at the moment. I have the most amazing boyfriend (nearly one year together by the way 😀 ) , I have great friends, I go to a great university, and I have a loving family….but still…

One thing in particular that stops me from completely doing whatever I want is the opinion of my parents. I love my parents, but I’m not gunna lie they’re kinda old fashioned at times. I am also very different from the rest of my family sometimes. For example when I was a teenager I decided that I liked wearing black, and skinny jeans, and dark make-up, and my mum assumed that I was becoming a goth -.- come on mum, I was just wearing a certain colour, my personality hadn’t changed, I was still the fluffy bunny geek, just the fluffy bunny geek who wears black!

The other thing is work. I actually haven’t got work at this point but I really want a job, and the things that I want to do are typically shunned by companies. Therefore I don’t know whether to do these things in fear that I get rejected further. However then I think about it further and I know that if these things prevent me from getting a job, then that company doesn’t deserve me. These things don’t stop me from being a great human being or an amazing worker, yet they would never know that, still is it worth the risk? Not just for now, but for the future?

So what is this about then? Basically I feel like I’m playing too safe in life. I still follow the best piece of advice I’ve ever received which is: do whatever makes you happy, but this is different. See though the things I have in mind would probably undoubtedly make me happy, I know that other people will have opinions on it, and not positive ones either, and its this judgment that is stopping me from doing it.

So let me go through what is bothering me the most. Its nothing about how I spend my time, I love spending time in my room doing my own thing and I also love spending time with my friends going out places, its about expressing myself.  There are two things that have been pondering my mind recently, 1 dying my hair and 2 getting a tattoo.

Now I am still pretty sure I am going to dye my hair, but over time even that has died down. I wanted to dye my hair baby pink, or pastel blue and purple and now I’m just going to highlight my hair a slightly lighter brown…is that how to live life? Should I just do whatever I want no matter what the opinion be, or should I try to achieve the best of both worlds by doing what I want but still achieving the approval of others? I know my parents would think I’m crazy but they’d get over it like they did when I first decided to cut my hair short. But now I have to think of more than just them. For once I don’t have to worry about the opinion of school as university doesn’t care what you look like, unlike secondary school which wouldn’t have allowed it. The other thing I have to think about is obviously jobs like I mentioned, it is known that companies are more likely to have a negative opinion on you if you have unnatural coloured hair than if you had natural hair. Finally, I have a boyfriend and I want him to think I’m good looking naturally. Actually I’ve spoken to him about this before and he said I’d look cute with pastel hair, but even I know he find brunettes attractive so then what? To be honest, I am probably going to highlight my hair a caramel colour, because it means I get to dye my hair like I want, my parents approve, jobs approve, and my boyfriend still thinks I look good. Still makes me wonder what would have happened if I had dyed my hair the colour I wanted originally, would I have been happier? Would I have less to regret later on in life? Who knows, I may still dye it pastel coloured, just not yet, some time in the future when I’m still in the stages of education and I don’t have any serious commitments. We’ll have to wait and see hey haha :p

The other thing is getting a tattoo. I was out with my friends the other night and I looked out the window to see a tattoo parlour and I just sat there wondering what it would be like to be completely spontaneous and to just get a tattoo right there and then. I would never do it so spontaneously because that’s not the type of person I am, I like to plan and organise things before I do them, especially if they’re this serious. A lot of people wouldn’t view it as that serious, but to be fair it is something that would be on my skin for the rest of my life so I’d have to consider it carefully. If I were to get a tattoo, it would be somewhere where I can see it everyday, if I’m going to have a picture inked onto my skin for the rest of my life I want to be able to view it everyday! Literally don’t understand people who get tattoos on their back or something, when are you going to see that? Don’t understand the point haha XD anyways, I’d also want it to be small, I don’t want anything massive, I’d just have a tiny symbol probably somewhere on my hand. Obviously it would have meaning to it, but it wouldn’t be anything original. Now my parents aren’t into tattoos really at all, they just don’t think there is a point in them, they argue that there is no reason to have a random picture in your skin for your entire life that you’d probably regret when you’re 90. A lot of you might be thinking “why are you so worried about your parents opinion?” well its because I have to live with them, so if they have an opinion on something they’ll let you know and never let it go, which makes life worse for me. Also if they disapprove it’ll naturally make me feel guilty no matter how much I like it, and I’ll have no one in my house hold reassuring me that it was a good choice and that they like it too. Moving onto companies, jobs judge you so hard if you have a tattoo, even if its a small one they’re afraid that you’re going to intimidate Mrs Norris from down the road and that they’ll lose customers because you have a picture on your skin. I’m not gunna lie I agree to an extent because some tattoos are quite antisocial in the sense that they’re naturally scary and intimidating in nature, but a tiny tattoo of an arrow or something isn’t going to hurt anyone. Finally my boy, now again I have spoken to my boyfriend about this in the past and his opinion as far as I’m aware is that he would never get one, and he wouldn’t mind if a girl had one as long as it wasn’t completely horrific, but even then does that mean he’s be happy with me getting a tattoo? Even a tiny one? Would be think differently about me? Probably not knowing him, but I couldn’t image living the rest of my life with him thinking “I’m glad you like it because that’s what matters the most, but personally I don’t like it”  I’d hate it if that happened :/ So where do I go from here? I have no idea with this one, this is a bit more permanent and expensive than hair dye, but still at this current moment in time I’d love to get one, and living for now should be the most important thing…I don’t know…I’ll have to think about it…

So that’s what’s happening in my life at the moment, emotional turmoil over hair dye and tattoos…super first world problems haha and probably very trivial problems that everyone else wouldn’t be thinking so much about haha oh well if I didn’t think about things this much then it wouldn’t be me, so I guess overall its a good thing that I’m going through emotional turmoil 🙂

I may write a response to this post depending on what I do, especially on the tattoo front, but we’ll have to wait and see. I think I’ve decided as well to not write unless I want to. I felt a lot of pressure within myself to write often because I felt like I was neglecting this blog, but I started this blog to be a personal diary, a way to express my thoughts and for my own personal progress, so I’ll only write if I feel like I have something worth writing about 🙂

I hope you’re all ok and I’ll speak to you soon 🙂

Alice x

My Journey

My academic journey hasn’t been the smoothest of rides.

I thought I’d give you a bit of history today, my history and my memories. This is going to be on a topic that I like to talk about the most because it really has affected my life and no matter how many times people have heard the story, I can’t let it go, it’s apart of my history and it always will be.

I’ve never been academically intelligent. I was brought up with parents who are quite intelligent, especially with regards to life, they just don’t have the paper to prove it. I was also brought up with a sister who was and has always been intelligent. She’s never had any trouble in school in achieving average and above average grades. My family encouraged education, and they have always wanted both my sister and me to achieve so we can have the best chance at life. Well life wasn’t all that plain sailing for me.

I struggled, a lot, which my parents often blamed upon my birthday. I am born in August and statistically, August babies have a tougher time in school because of the rest of their class being basically a year older than them. I never worried about it as a kid, I was good, I did my work, and I turned up to school everyday and so I was doing everything a good kid should do. However, naturally my parents and my teachers were concerned with my lack of progress.

Now many people think that children don’t know anything, that they are clueless and this is where they are wrong. I may have not been too concerned about my progress as a child, but even as a kid you know when people are worried about you, you know when they are giving you special attention because you just can’t do it. I didn’t like people worrying about me, if I wasn’t worried then why were they? I knew why they were worried, but I didn’t want them too, because I was good, and I tried, what more did they want from me?

To give you an idea of my lack of intelligence then I’ll put it in perspective for you. It started young, I couldn’t speak at the age of 3, I had to go back to basics in reading when I was 7 because I couldn’t read, when I was 9 I was two years behind in maths, when I was 10 I still couldn’t tell the time, and for nearly every lesson from reception to year 6 in my school life I was that kid to be dragged out of class to have “special sessions” with the teaching assistant.

Kids aren’t dumb, I may not have been academically smart, but it wasn’t hard to tell that I was different, and not the good kind. I worked hard, I listened, I did everything that every child did yet I didn’t understand the things that everyone else found so simple. It wasn’t fair, I hadn’t done anything wrong, why me? That’s all I ever wondered was why me? Especially as I had a sister who had no problems with anything, why couldn’t I be like that?! I was being compared to my sister and my parents were so proud of her because she achieved, and I had to compete with that. I couldn’t do it, and instead of getting pride, I received sympathy, and I hated that so much, so please I am not telling you this because I want sympathy, I just want to write about my journey.

I was good at other things, but they were useless things, at least in the eyes of my parents and the school since they wouldn’t help me in the future. Now don’t get me wrong, my teachers and my parents were very supportive and loving through my school life and they never discouraged what I was good at, they just knew at the same time I needed to understand this academic stuff otherwise I wouldn’t have a future.

I was good at sport and drama, and whenever I talked about the future with my parents I would mention these things because that’s what I was good at, but a job in those fields was difficult and therefore seen as unrealistic for me to achieve by my parents so they didn’t encourage it. They would say things like “you can try sweetie, just don’t be disheartened because it is difficult to do and it is rather unlikely.” Don’t worry guys, you already disheartened me. Now again I don’t want to blame my parents for anything, they were good to me and have always been, and they were just doing what they thought was right and I respect that. My sister wanted to be a history teacher, and she is still working towards that goal today, naturally my parents encouraged that, but me, I never had a dream, and have always therefore found it hard to understand people who have dreams, especially dreams that I deem unrealistic. I admire them at the same time though, because they are able to do what I couldn’t.

I spent a lot of time working as a kid, basically because I didn’t have a choice. I had to understand this work and I had to keep up with the other children. All I wanted to do was play and run, I  could do that, not this maths homework that everyone else had finished hours ago and I was still doing. I had a lot of friends though when I was kid, I was good at sport and I was kind to everyone so it was easy for me to be friends with everyone. However, being friends with everyone meant that you would be the person they ask questions to, and obviously I never knew the answer. The reply “I don’t know” became an automatic response because it was the truth, I never knew. So I made myself a promise at the end of year 6, that I would be smarter when I went to secondary school, that I would know the answers from now on, and that I will be like everyone else.

Secondary school came along and yeah, I became smarter. I was finally achieving like everyone else, I struggled at some points during my time there, especially during A-level, but overall I had done what I’d promised myself, I’d become smarter. Yet the fear of failing was always lurking around the corner like a ghost, I spent my time constantly worried that I’d go back to the way I was and being behind again, and the future was getting closer and closer. Yes, now I had to actually be truly concerned about my future for the first time. Choosing GCSE’s, A-levels and university course, it was all very stressful, but here I am.

The past has left a scar on me for the rest of my life. I went through so much that no kid should have to go through, because you cant expect a child to go through that without repercussions. I spent a lot of time feeling worried, sad, angry and above all stressed and nothing can change that. Many adults don’t understand how a child can feel stressed, especially at such a young age, but when you put someone though that much pressure, it doesn’t matter what age they are, they’ll feel some sort of stress. It’s ok though because without it I wouldn’t be where I am today, and that’s why I’m writing this.

The other day I achieved a 1st grade at university, which is an A grade. I actually achieved this twice in one day, on two separate papers. These grades are amazing and obviously I’m very excited about my progress, but whenever I do well my thoughts naturally go to my past. If you had told my teachers and my parents when I was younger that one day, I was going to be a university student, studying philosophy and religion and achieving A grades, they probably would have said something similar to what they told me then: “you can try sweetie, just don’t be disheartened because it is difficult to do and it is rather unlikely.”

The reason I’m telling you this, or more the reason that I’m writing this, is because I got myself to where I am today. I am grateful for my teachers and parents help, but I was the one who worked harder than any other kid and I was the one trying to make it all worth while, and I did it.

I want you guys to believe in yourselves, to work for yourselves, and to achieve what you want to achieve no matter what it is, because only you know what you can do. I’ve come a long way and I’ve taken some damage along the way, but its ok because I did it. I’m going into the future doing what I want and working for what I want because even when it looked so unlikely that this would ever happen to me, I did it. This is my journey, make yours just as worth while.

Alice x

Liebster Award Nomination

So…..I’ve never heard of this hahaha ummm ok so I haven’t been blogging for long and to be honest I don’t think anyone would actually read the random thoughts that pop into my head, and I know that’s what everyone says but seriously this blog is simply made up of my random thoughts hahaha XD

Ok so after a little research into this award I found out that its a way for people to discover new blogs and I myself have been nominated by the lovely Just A Thought who I will leave a link to here so you can check her out, thank you very much for the nomination 🙂 -> https://hubofthoughts.wordpress.com/

The rules for this award are as follows:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you

2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger

3. Give 11 facts about yourself

4. Nominate another 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers

5. And finally, let the nominees know that you’ve nominated them and to give them your questions

…they have some sort of strange obsession with 11, why 11? I don’t know, ANYWAYS lets get to it them 🙂

So here are the questions I am to answer:

1. What beauty product can I not live without?

I think a good tinted moisturiser is the best thing to have, I mean if makes your skin nice and smooth and it makes it look polished with no flaws. Plus it lasts for long periods of time, so if I could only live with one product from now on it would be that haha 🙂

2. Favourite high street store?

For fashion at the moment I am loving H&M! H&M just bring out lots of interesting different pieces of clothing that I can mix and match with my current wardrobe to create my own unique style. Its also not very expensive at all and for a student that’s a real plus hahaha XD

3. Where is your favourite place?

…Disney World in Florida obviously hahaha

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I see myself in a cute little apartment that’s modern and in a city. I see myself with my boy and in a job that I love, living my life in the perfect job, with the perfect boy and the perfect life. Work hard ad play hard. OH! and there’s a kitty in there somewhere hahaha 🙂

5. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 items would you take?

Well I think I remember learning in school that one of the best things to have is a mirror so I guess that hahaha and then I guess I’d take a boat and lots of fuel hahaha XD

6. How would you spend your perfect day?

I would wake up in the morning with the sun shinnying on a lovely hot summer day, then I’d probably spend the day having fun on the beach with my boyfriend or going to a theme park. Eating lots of crap and finishes the day with sparklers outside, music and movies 🙂

7. What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Easily its this: Do what makes you happy. If singing makes you happy, do it. If playing sport makes you happy, do it. If that person makes you happy, spend as much time with them as possible. When you have this mentality, then any situation where you experience doubt becomes a lot easier to handle. You just know that if it’ll make you happy then you should do it, then you learn to accept yourself a lot more 🙂

8. What is your most embarrassing moment?

Well whenever anyone asks me this question I don’t often know because I clearly repress those memories a lot haha XD but this is the story I tell everyone when I get asked this question. When I was in year 5 I had the main role in the school play and my family and friends were watching, and the room was quiet and all I had to do was stand still, but younger Alice didn’t like standing still so I was fidgeting and ….I feel of the stage…not flat on my face mind you, but it was still very obvious even if I did save it quite well, and everyone was looking at me…ad I felt very embarrassed….good one Alice haaha XD

9. What inspired you to start blogging?

Now I feel like I should answer this question with some sort of inspiring story, however to be honest I started blogging because I wanted to let out all my thoughts about Death Note the anime. I had just finished watching it and I have no friends who watch anime, but I wanted to talk about it so I started a blog post where I could write my random thoughts hahaha it was a great outlet and so now when I have random thoughts that I want to express I write them on here 🙂 that’s why my blog is called Alice’s Thoughts with the sub title as welcome to wonderland hahha 🙂

10. What do you value most in life?

Happiness, no doubt. Friends and family make you happy. Love makes you happy. Having a happy mind and attitude improves your life no doubt 🙂

11. Who would you choose to play you in a film based on your life?

Errrrr this question is difficult because I don’t know any celebrities! haha ummmmmmm well I think ima go with Amanda Seyfried. She was good in mamma mia as a sot of mischievous childish girl full of love and a yarning for adventure so that basically describes me hahaha and she kinda looks like me I guess so yeah her haha 🙂

Ok so now that that’s done time to give you 11 facts about myself, these will be quick I promise haha :-p

1. I have a very sweet tooth that loves chocolate

2. I played netball for my home town when I was around 15-16 years old

3. My party trick is being able to catch popcorn in my mouth after throwing it in the air, I am an absolute pro at that hahaha

4. I have two style types, one is very cute and girly with lace and pastel colours whereas the other one is more edgy and “band” like with t-shirts and dark colours

5. The summer is my favourite season

6. I volunteered with a brownie pack for around 3ish years

7. I have an older sister who is also currently at university

8. I love BBC original dramas

9. I like to change my fragrances according to the season

10. My nose is quite sensitive but I don’t actually have any allergies

11. I am madly in love with my boyfriend ❤

And now for the final part, to nominate some other bloggers and to give them my questions. Now the problem with this is that, I don’t blog to read other peoples pages, I blog just to write. I literally write my post and then leave WordPress until next time so I don’t read many blogs :-/ but for the ones I do I’ll nominate them 🙂 These bloggers have been nominated for different reason and so I nominate:

Destinationdoolan -> https://destinationdoolan.wordpress.com/

Suhail Talks -> https://suhaildhanji.wordpress.com/

Yes I only have a total of 2, yes I know you’re meant to have 11, but I like these 2 and therefore they deserver recognition and I’m not just gunna go scrolling through WordPress to find 9 more so #deal hahaha Destinationdoolan doesn’t most often, the blog is specific to travel experience, but when she does write its amazing, and Suhail Talks is my good friend from home and he is just so funny and has such a well written blog so I suggest that you check these guys out 🙂

My questions for you guys are gunna be random so just accept it hahaa :-p my questions are:

1. What do you hate the most about clothes shopping?

2. If you could have any super power, what would it be?

3. What is at the top of your bucket list?

4. What is your favourite drink?

5. What scares you the most?

6. If you were to invent an item to improve your life, what would it be?

7. Which celebrity chief would you most want to cook dinner for you?

8. If you could change anything about the way that you were brought up, what would it be?

9. If you could meet any person, dead or alive, who would it be?

10. Sweet or savoury?

11. Imagine your wedding day, what’s it like?

And that’s everything complete, I’m now going to let them know that they have been nominated and once again thank you to Just A Thought for nominating me 🙂 Speak to you guys soon 🙂

Alice x




The Best Week Ever <3

Hey guys, thought I’d give you a little university update since I haven’t done one in a while 🙂 I haven’t even done a post in a while…sorry about that just nothing seems to be inspiring enough :-/ However, this is on my mind and I feel like it should be documented to look back on in the future 🙂

So after Christmas, I got back into the swing of university having to revise for and take an exam…yay…but to be fair I only had one which I did alright on so I was very happy to have accomplished the first semester quite successful academically 🙂

Now the new term has started I am studying eastern religions and philosophy, Nietzsche’s philosophy on the death of God and Plato’s book the Republic. So far I think it’s been going quite well, I enjoy the modules most of the time and naturally I have a lot of work but I think giving my opinion in the form of an essay hahaha its easier than arguing with another philosopher, trust me hahaha :-p

To be honest though not much has happened since starting back at university. I’m becoming closer and better friends with the people on my course and with my initial friends I made in the first semester which is good and basically all I’ve been waiting for has been this week. Now again like usual you’re probably wondering what the title has to do wit this blog post, well I’ll tell you.

My boyfriend has just finished his visit here and he was here for a week. He came in time for our first Valentine’s day together which was magical ❤  I pondered the idea of writing a Valentine’s day post, however everything felt too typical, like I’ve written these things before and although this has been my first Valentine’s day with someone, I do have advice on the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s whether your in a relationship or not. Yet I decided against it, I thought any advice I could give wont match the thought and effort you should put in to make the day special 😉

While my boyfriend was here with me we explored Bangor a lot more and other parts of North Wales such as Llandudno which was awesome, and naturally we spent a lot of time together just hanging out and having fun in each others company 🙂 It has been the best week ever and I wouldn’t have changed a thing ❤ we ate so much food!!!! Oh my God it was amazing!!!! There is nothing better than eating food and chilling with your boyfriend either watching a movie or playing a game or simply hugging 🙂

Another reason for not doing a Valentine’s day post was because of all the mushy stuff I would have written about hahaha XD He means so much to me and when he’s with me he just makes everything so much better. We actually enjoy food shopping when we are together! He makes my life better and I love that…I love him 🙂

Bluuuuuuuurrrrrrr ok enough with the mushy stuff haha but honestly this week that I’ve spent with him has been the best and I can’t thank him enough for making it so special 🙂 From now on its back to work really BOOOOOOOOO but it has to be done and if I keep focussed enough then the time will fly and I’ll be able to see him again 🙂 Actually I’m looking forward to starting work, getting organised again, writing done ideas and so on, I’ve got a lot to say and an essay with 2000 words to say it in hahha XD

I hope you’re all doing well and I’ll speak to you soon 🙂

Alice x

Gifts from my Boyfriend

My boyfriend is the kindest, sweetest, funniest and biggest idiot you could ever meet 🙂 Now babe I know you’re reading this but you also know what this blog is about! I was told on the 18th of December that my Christmas present from my boyfriend would become the longest Christmas of my life. Basically, I was to receive a present everyday from Christmas to the day I got back to university. This was insane! What had I done to deserve this special treatment?! He’s an idiot, but a lovely one 🙂 Each present came with a clue as to what was inside and everyday I had to sneak outside, grab the gift that he had left outside my house and then run inside and unwrap it without anyone noticing. It was a super secret ninja mission! He knew how much I loved Christmas and therefore the concept was designed to make Christmas last for as long as possible. So without further ado I’m going to go through the gifts that he got me for Christmas 🙂 I mentioned that I’d tell you guys about my boyfriends gift at the end of my Christmas haul post, which you can read here -> https://doolanducky.wordpress.com/2014/12/27/12-days-of-christmas-christmas-haul/  This is why, because he hadn’t given me all of his gifts yet! Oh and sweetie by the way, they aren’t gunna be in order, sorry but I’ve forgotten the order so they’ll be in the order of when I remember them hahaha :-p and also sorry if I miss any out but I think I’ve remembered them all :-/ So anyway I’m gunna stop talking now, here we go!

1. Got to keep up to date: Now 89 CD and Can’t wait to go there one day: Kingdom Keepers Book

So these are the gifts I got on Christmas day. I love the CD because my sister collects the Now cd’s and I always had to borrow them from here if I wanted any songs, I’ve never owned my own and now I do 🙂 and Kingdom Keepers is a series of fiction books based on the Disney World Parks 🙂 It is an amazing series and he got me the next one in the series 🙂

2. iT is jusT perfecT for you! #funTimes: T-shirt

I am in love with this t-shirt! I think it was bought for 2 reasons: 1 because he likes me wearing t-shirts and 2 because of what it says. This t-shirt I baby pink and it say “I might be wrong but its highly unlikely” hahaha XD its tooo true and his clue is very clever capitalising the T’s because it is a tee! get it!

3. Cus sleeping is the best: Maleficent

I’ve been wanting to see this movie for so long! I’m such a Disney fan and this film is amazing! It was amazing story and great acting and it is highly recommended 🙂

4. You could say Xmas is magical…: Merlin DS Game

We are both huge fans of the BBC TV series merlin and that’s actually the first thing we connect over, so I got this DS game to relive the magic of the series once again 🙂

5. I don’t know its just cool: growing tree

Now I hope I’ve got this clue right, I’m pretty sure I have, but yeah basically this tree grows crystals around it in a matter of hours apparently. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m excited to see what happens!

6. Some people are worth melting for: Anna Funko Pop!

A lovely frozen quote as my clue and if you don’t know what a Funko Pop is, its a little figurine that looks super cute! I got Anna because its become an on going thing that my older sister is Elsa and that I’m Anna hahaha 🙂

7. Cus…it’s you…cute! Duck book

This is a little book of…well ducks and hey are actually postcards 🙂 they are so adorable, I love ducks and its such a cute little book 🙂 I will be using them as postcards too haha 🙂

8. Cus it’s amazing! I want it! It doesn’t explain anything: X-men days of future past

Ok to explain the clue, basically I watched the Wolverine and I saw that Professor X was alive and Magneto had his powers and I was just there like “wat is dis?” I didn’t understand and it just made me want to watch tis film so much! But apparently according to the clue it doesn’t explain anything! So I had to watch the post credit scenes of all the films in an attempt to get an answer. I go my answer…I ain’t gunna say I’m happy with it but I got it non the less hahaha :-p anyways I’m a huge nerd and this film was an awesome gift 🙂

9. You are never too old: Bobby

Now you have probably just read this and thought “I don’t get it” well let me explain. Bobby is my fluffy toy penguin and my mum thinks I have too many fluffy toys and that I shouldn’t have more because I’m too old. Well my boyfriend disagrees hahaha and I agree with him! Bobby is soooo cute! I love him 🙂

10. Every girls best friend: chocolate

nom nom nom nom nom! I love chocolate and at the time I wasn’t feeling 100% so this was the perfect thing 🙂

11. You said you wanted one! this is the best I could find! snap me ;p : hat

…not just any hat…a turkey hat…it is literally the ugliest thing I have ever seen, but SOMEONE thought it was hilarious!…will never be worn hahaha XD soz sweetie but I ain’t being seen with a turkey on my head!

12. Cus Christmas never has to end: spray snow

Spray snow is a great thing to have to make your Christmas tree look festive and to turn those boing, bland ornaments into something better 🙂 I will be using this next year 🙂

13. Feeling like a kid is ducking brilliant: Lego duck

This was so fun I got a little Lego duck set so I had to construct a mummy duck and baby duck from tiny little Lego pieces 🙂 so cute and so much fun 🙂

14. Cus Bobby felt lonely: Buddy

…Buddy is a fluffy toy reindeer…he’s so cute! Bobby and Buddy! awwwwwwww ❤

15. Cus we missed it: Begin again

Begin again is a film that both of us have been wanting to watch for a long time, we didn’t catch it in cinemas and now that I own it we can both watch it together for a movie night 🙂

16. Cus family comes first: Sylvanian families

I got this really cute set of this little Sylvanian family kitty with a picnic blanket and its just adorable I love it sooo much 🙂

17. It’s a Doolan necessity: Dory

This clue was all written in Disney text by the way, the effort was appreciated sweetie, and I got a little Dory from finding nemo 🙂 another cute toy…I’m a child I know haha XD

18. Cus it was buy one get one free ngl: Fault in our stars

I love his honesty haha its fabulous haha 🙂 He knew I’d have seen the film with my friends and I do like the film so even if it was bought because of the deal, I still like the gift 🙂

19. Cus I’m one of those music guys sorry: ITunes vouchers

Always a good gift, as you should know from me by now and I haven’t spent it all, I’ saving it for a rainy day 🙂

20. Surprise: Animal crossing: new leaf

This was a day of choice, we went shopping together and he said that I was allowed to choose basically anything and he’d get it for me. I had so much choice I couldn’t choose! and since when did people basically buy their own presents!? well long story short, obviously the two children ended up in toys r us, cause we are so cool like that and we debated for ages cause I really didn’t want to choose. So he decided in the end, he picked animal crossing cause he knew I wanted this game so much and I haven’t stopped playing it since hahaha!

And that’s it! over 20 gifts! it was an insane Christmas but awesome at the same time! Sorry sweetie if I’ve forgotten any, I’ve purposefully left some out because they are private haha but they were amazing too! I’m so lucky to have him in my life and I wont spill anymore sappy stuff on you guys cause you don’t wanna hear it hahaha :p Anyways I’ll speak to you guys again soon, hope you all had a fabulous day 🙂

Alice x




12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Haul

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I know it’s a little late but Christmas was busy and now that I have some time to chill I thought I’d write the final 12 days of Christmas blog post! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and as some of you might have guessed I’m going to finish up on a Christmas haul just to match with my wish list that I do, and so you guys can get a little insight into what I like and got and stuff hahaha 🙂 Ok lets start off with my stocking!

Christmas Stocking: Mikado, dark chocolate rings and a Yankee candle

christmas-presents (10)

So the stocking is always the first thing to be opened and in my house, my sister comes into my bedroom and we do them together before going to see mum and dad 🙂 As we’ve gotten older my sister and I have been wanting food to appear more and more hahaha so we were lucky and I got some awesome treats to have in my little food stash in my room 🙂 Also I got a Yankee candle which smells great, mine is true rose and at the moment it is making my bedroom smell very nice indeed 🙂

French Friends: Hat, Scarf, colouring book and colouring pencils

christmas-presents (1)

We have French friends that we’ve known for a while now and each year we obviously exchange presents. This year from them I received a hat and scarf set, with the hat being a beret 🙂 when we send our gifts we try and send each other cultural things, so we’ve sent British things and they send us French things, so this was very nice 🙂 and then I have a colouring book and pencils which have not only French sites to colouring in, but also it says on the front that it is a sort of stress relief which we thought was funny especially as we are students hahaha 🙂

God Parents: Ted Baker wash bag

christmas-presents (2)

My god parents are so very generous, I know Ted Baker is expensive so I’m very grateful to them. I will use this but also be very careful with it hahaha It’s a lovely gift and I love the pink colour 🙂

Aunty, Uncle and Cousins: Lip Gloss, Money, Hamper, and chocolates

christmas-presents (6)

So this section includes all aunts, uncles and cousins together. I got this lip gloss set which is very nice, and from the same aunt I got money which is always handy as you all know, then we got a couple of hampers which contain cheeses, drinks etc which the whole family share and the same with the chocolates 🙂 nice little treats there which are good because they are things that you wouldn’t typically get for yourself which is good 🙂

Nan and Grandad: Soaps, Benefit make-up, and voucher

christmas-presents (5)

My nan and grandad on my mums side got me the soap set and make-up which is great because A it means I don’t have to buy soap for a while and B I don’t have to buy make-up for a while hahaha XD This also came with a free make over by the benefit team so I’m super excited to do that at some point 🙂 Then my nan and grandad on my dads side got the whole family a voucher to spend on whatever we want which will be a nice things for us to do together 🙂

Sister: Kimono, duck purse, rubber duck, Anna doll, Sherlock all 3 seasons, hat, shirt, charcoal set, and tinker bell mirror! EVERYTHING!

christmas-presents (4) christmas-presents (8)

OH MY GOD I GET TREAED TOO MUCH! This was amazing! I love my clothing that I got, she knows exactly what I like 🙂 and Sherlock!!!! She definitely knows what I like!!! I go such a cute little winter hat too :3 then little things like the mirror and the duck purse and the rubber duck hhahaha literally everything I love here hahaha XD an new art set and art style that I’m excited to try out and the Anna doll from frozen because she said that I was her Anna :3 aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww too cute!!! She’s amazing and I’m so grateful!

Mum and Dad: chocolate, writing set, scarf, make-up brush, Disney pin, piano CD, Super Smash Bros and a Keyboard!

christmas-presents (3) christmas-presents (7) christmas-presents (9)

Wow! I mean wow! First of all chocolate, you basically cant go wrong hahaha XD my scarf if perfect for the season especially with the tartan style which I love 🙂 Then this posh writing set that I’d love to try out to feel really historical hahaha XD its just so much awesome stuff! I got this make-up brush, and Disney Pin and THE THINGS I WANTED! I got super smash which I’ve been playing no stop and finally a keyboard! With a piano CD so I can learn how to play it properly! It’s amazing and I love them all so much!

So that is my Christmas haul! These are all the things I got for Christmas and I love it all and I’m so grateful! ….Oh what my boyfriend? Did he get me anything? I’m leaving that for another blog post sometime soon and you’ll see why 😉 I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and that you got everything you anted and more, I’ll see you soon with another post, but until then Merry Christmas guys!

Alice x