Birthday Haul

It’s finally here! The post that absolutely no one has been waiting for, the birthday haul!

So I got some amazing gifts for my 18th birthday and I have fully admitted that I have been spoilt! This is a simple run down of the presents I got from my friends and family for my birthday 🙂 If you want to check out the post before this one called “Birthday Wish List” I’ll leave a link to it right here ->

Ok so I’ll start of with my friends 🙂

Frozen Poster


Sorry about the camera quality by the way, but yeah this was given to me at my 18th party by one of my mates and they clearly know me well as I love Disney and Frozen! I reminds me of my sister and me 🙂

Best friends gifts: Cus Cute


Now my best friend is amazing, I know he will be reading this and he needs to know that I love him so much ❤ He really thought about my gifts and made my birthday special and fun! So he labelled his presents with little clues as to what the gift represents, with the first being “cus cute.” Inside was a little mummy hen and her little chicks, and its a wind up toy so the chicks follow the mummy hen! It is so cute!

Close Enough


This was by far the funniest thing I got! He knows how much I want a keyboard of my own and so he got the closest thing to one! So funny XD

Cus We Need To Go


I love the X-Men and I love Wolverine, I also really love Hugh Jackman, yet I am yet to see this film! For those of you who don’t know, this film is set in Japan and Japan is somewhere we would both love to go to some day, so this was such an awesome gift 🙂

Cus It’s You


Let me tell you this, I’ve known this boy for about half a year and still he knows everything I like! He was so amazing with his gifts, so thoughtful and I can not wait to read this one 🙂

Ok so with my friends out the way lets move on to my family:

ITunes Vouchers/Money

itunes-100-giftcardPublic domain image, royalty free stock photo from

From my relatives (so my aunts and uncles etc) I was given some money which was generous of them, and I also got £25 ITunes voucher which is always good 🙂 this will be really helpful so I am so grateful!

Nan and Grandad: 18th stand, Rose Quartz Duck, Dinner Set and Necklace


So my grandparents wanted to get me something 18 related hence the 18th stand as something special for the occasion, my love of ducks is clearly obvious to them haha, the dinner set is for university and the necklace is from one of my favourite places to buy jewellery. They are lovely gifts very precious and I will look after them all!

Mum and Dad: Pandora Charm, Storage Box and Laptop


I am a guilty, spoilt child. Ok, so the castle charm that you see on the bracelet is from my parents (I’ll talk about the bracelet later.) They also got me a storage box with this 1920’s style woman on it, so I can pack my things for university, and yes they got me a laptop. They got me the laptop that I’ve been trying to figure out how to get with the little money I have. They got me the laptop that I mentioned in “Birthday Wish List” and I am typing on it now! So lucky and so grateful these are just some amazing gifts that I love ❤

My Sister: Stationary, Top, Storage Box, Mirror, Duck Toothbrush Holder and Pandora Bracelet with 18 Charm


I love my sister and she has no doubt spoiled me wwwaayyy more than she should have! Ok lets break it down, I got a stationary set with pens and duck pins which is all for university. Then I got the heart top that you see on the right (for the start of my new wardrobe) and it is on top of the storage box that has another 1920’s woman on it to match the one from my parents. Next I have a mirror and duck toothbrush holder which are again for university, and finally the toothbrush bracelet with 18 charm. She wanted to get me something special to remember my 18th by as I did the same for her. These are all really amazing and special gifts and I can’t thank her enough ❤

So these are all the gifts I got from my 18th birthday and I am so pleased and grateful! They are all really thoughtful and amazing and I cant thank my friends and family enough for making it so special 🙂 Now that all my birthday thoughts are out of my system, sure enough something else will be filling my head soon haha 🙂

Alice x







The Ice Bucket Challenge

I get a Facebook notification with my name tagged in a post from my cousin. The words were along the line of: “Thank you for nominating me to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and I nominate Alice Doolan , you have 48 hours!” My first thought was “oh great -.-”

Now do get me wrong I am a huge believer in donating what you can to charities as they are always for a good cause, but this is different to me. Sure if the charity had made it a trending thing to just donate to them I would do it without a doubt, but the challenge with it…let me explain.

The ice bucket challenge is another thing started on the internet and a few years ago internet challenges never used to involve charity, all they did was make you look stupid. I still believe to this day that challenges are usually stupid, they make you look stupid, you can cause yourself harm sometimes, and overall they are just pointless attempts at getting attention or being involved to try and “fit in”. The main problem is that I don’t particularly want to put a bucket of cold water over my head, and now you are thinking “but come on its just a laugh, its harmless, its fun and you are getting involved and doing something fun”, and that my friend is peer pressure.

The actually topic of this post is to talk about peer pressure and the worry it causes people. Peer pressure is an awful thing to experience as you clearly don’t want to do whatever it is, yet society intends on humiliating you publicly or shaming you making you feel guilty for not doing it. I am fully aware that the ice bucket challenge isn’t going to kill me or harm me, but I don’t want to do it still. Its not particularly pleasant and I’d rather just donate the money to be honest. Peer pressure is also an issue as you never know why they don’t want to do it. What if I had a fear of water or ice? What if I couldn’t be below a certain temperature or it could harm me? What if I wasn’t feeling well and this could make it worse? You don’t know any of these things, yet the immediate response is to still force that person to fell awful for not joining in on your ridiculous game.

Some people are strong enough to step away from peer pressure. One of my other cousins was nominated and he decided to just donate and that was it. Even in the comment section you can see people giving him grief over it, but he was better than that. I personally am not as good as he is. I fail to stand up for myself because I fell so morally obliged to do this.

I have in fact participated in one challenge in the past however and that was the “No Make-Up Selfie” for Cancer awareness. I had no issue with this challenge it was simple, easy and there was nothing embarrassing, humiliating, harmful or uncomfortable about it. I’ll post my picture right here:


This was a fun thing for me to get involved in and I actually felt extremely proud to be apart of it. I also made sure to donate and to make myself aware of what cancer actually is and to educate myself in what the charity is about. That’s the other problem I have with the ice bucket challenge.

Not a lot of people actually know what ALS is and what they do as a charity. This is a quote directly from the website so you can educate yourself : “Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body. The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS eventually leads to their death. When the motor neurons die, the ability of the brain to initiate and control muscle movement is lost. With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed.” I think that this is a terrible thing for people to go through and I believe that the charities work is absolutely amazing. So it seems worth while to donate towards such a cause, but to chuck freezing water over my head that doesn’t help at al and I don’t want to do? I don’t see a point personally.

However, I have 48 hours and I do intend on doing the ice bucket challenge, because the idea of public humiliation from my peers makes me worried, sad and guilty, and unfortunately I am not as strong as my cousin in simply saying no.

New posts coming soon, I also intend on doing a review of the first 100 episodes of Naruto as yes, I am late on another anime trend that has been around for a while, but I still want to express my opinion on it so far 🙂 Leave a comment on your views on peer pressure and on the ice bucket challenge down below!

Alice x

Forgive and Forget

I haven’t posted recently due to my mind being fixated on my birthday, but during this past week an event occurred that I feel like I should share.

So I decided to have my friends over for my 18th birthday just as a small get together, where I invited my group of 5 friends. Deciding on a day was the hardest part; results day had been the main topic of thought and so my birthday (which was the following week) hadn’t been given much thought, even by me. After all the commotions was over, I choose a day where I could get most of my friends to come over. Unfortunately, one of my friends had already said that they couldn’t make that day and so I was expecting 4 people over.

That seemed like a fair number, I don’t particularly like having a lot of people around so I was quite content with my group of 4 coming over for a chat. I then receive news that one of my friends will then be late by a few hours to my gathering. Again, I was ok with that they couldn’t do anything about it and they were still coming so I was fine.

However, then came the day of the party. Now I haven’t actually seen my friends a lot this summer as we’ve all had our own individual plans and therefore getting together has been difficult, with results and university also involved. Naturally, I was really excited to hang out with my friends and to enjoy celebrating results and my birthday. Then I get a text message from another friend stating that she’ll be late too. At this point it was getting a little desperate, I had one friend who couldn’t make it and two friends who were going to be late, but it was ok because I knew that the 4 of them would be here eventually anyway.

Despite that the worst news was yet to come. My best friend, on the day of the party, who will probably be reading this post, couldn’t make it. So the situation now was that I invited 5 of my closest friends, 2 of them couldn’t make it, and 2 of them were going to be late. I broke down in tears.

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I am a secret emotional person. I never fully express my emotions but I wasn’t expecting this. I couldn’t help myself because I just thought it was so unfair. I had been waiting for my 18th birthday for ages and I was so excited to see my friends, yet they were all rather preoccupied. I felt sad mainly because I had been there for their 18th birthday’s and I had found it really hard to arrange this so that as many people as possible could make it. I was really close to calling it all off at this stage and simply telling my friends to leave it because I thought that they clearly had something better to do. I was not in my right mind and someone in particular could see that, my mum.

She looked at the positives within the situation and she knew that I’d still have fun with the 3 friends that would all be here eventually, and off course she was right. I felt bad for my best friend though as I had been a little harsh on him for bailing at the last minute. The party went on and everyone seemed to have enjoyed their time being together, eating food and having a gossip. However, you are still probably wondering why this post is called “Forgive and Forget.”

Later that night, my best friend sent me a text stating that he felt really bad that he couldn’t make and therefore wanted to take me out as a treat for my 18th. Now I believe that not many people would have offered to do this (especially after what I said to him) which automatically made me forgive him.

Not many people would have forgiven him so easily, as he made a commitment to come to my party and then decided not to at the last minute. Also being my best friend it was important for him to be there so you may question why he was forgiven so easily. I realised though that being able to forgive and forget a situation was extremely important. It wasn’t going to be the end of the world if my best mat couldn’t make it, and off course it wasn’t, yet it felt like it to me. However, he then went out of his way to set things right because he knew how much this meant to me and so he did the right thing.

A few days later we went shopping together, looked at some cute things and he treated me to a coffee. The situation was never spoken about because we both knew that there was nothing to say. There was a problem and it was solved, and life continued. It was important for this to be recognised as a “forgive and forget” situation because this was a special moment and he was still able to share that experience with me, even though he couldn’t make it to my party. I love this boy to pieces, annoying as he is sometimes, and I am so glad to have him in my life. Therefore fighting and falling out over something like this wasn’t worth it.

If you have fallen out with a friend, be the better person, solve the issue because I am sure that whatever it is, it isn’t worth losing your friend over it. Both apologise, don’t be that person who thinks they have to wait for the other to apologise first as it’ll only prolong the process. If you’ve had an argument and you want to make things right then do something. That’s what happened here and no doubt that was the right thing to do. I love my best friend, he is like family to me and I forgive him. I just hope he forgives me too ❤

New post should be coming soon, I am planning on calling it “Birthday Haul” as a following up from my post “Birthday Wish List”. Then that should be everything related to my birthday out of my system haha! I hope my advice helps any of you out there and feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on forgiving and forgetting down below 🙂

Alice x

Birthday Wish List

People often say “If we had all the money in the world, what would you want us to get you for your birthday?” Now I know I’ve mentioned my birthday quite a few times now, but its only because i’m excited!

So i’ll be turning 18 in less than a week now and I thought it would be a fun idea to create a list of the things I would like if I could get anything for my birthday. Now if you know me and you’re reading this, because I know you are, please please please please please don’t feel obliged to get anything off this list! This is just for fun and I know that if you get me something then it’ll be awesome 🙂 Ok so here we go:



Now I know I’ve spoken about the laptop crisis in my other post “Money” which i’ll put a link to here ->

Now this laptop here is is the “HP 15 Laptop, Intel Core i3, 4GB RAM, 1TB, 15.6″, Flyer Red” according to the John Lewis website haha and it is the best laptop we’ve seen so far. It ‘s still like £349.95 so I definitely don’t expect to get this as a gift, but like I said before I do need one for university :-/



So I went through a stage where I thought I was cool by wearing black and looking a little edgy, and then I realized that although I like it I kinda want to look more girly. So I’ve been trying to build up a new wardrobe with more girly, pastel clothes in it as well as keeping some of my old stuff, because I know that there will be some days where i’ll just want to wear edgy clothing. Tops, trousers, shoes, bags, dresses, anything!

Itunes Vouchers/ Money

itunes-100-giftcardPublic domain image, royalty free stock photo from

I love getting Itunes vouchers in particular because I don’t get new music as soon as it comes out. Usually I just wait for my sister to buy the latest Now CD (sorry sis), but that doesn’t mean I always get all the songs I want. So when I get Itunes vouchers i’m finally able to stock up on all the songs I haven’t got! If I get money for my birthday however, I like to go shopping and see if there’s anything I like or need which is just nice to have because come on, shopping is always better when you have money 😉

Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire 


I got the new Nintendo 2DS for Christmas last year along with Pokemon Y and it was by far the best gift I got! I was so hyped for the new game, but I had the original DS so I was super sad that I couldn’t play it, but now I have the right console and I so want this new game! I know that it is not out yet and that it comes out in the autumn time, but I would love to know that it’s pre-ordered for me or that I have the guarantee of the game when it comes out 🙂

Fun things aka Toys


When you turn a teenager you don’t often look forward to your birthday or Christmas anymore, and I guess that’s because you no longer get anything really fun! Especially for a girl, you now receive a lot of make-up or nail polish and I am always grateful for what I receive but I never get excited. When I was a kid one of my favourite toys was Playmobil and I used to get really happy when I got a new set, but once you get older you lose that feeling and I want it back again. Now that doesn’t mean I want people going out and buying me a bunch of Playmobil, but something really fun would be an awesome gift 🙂



I am pretty sure I mentioned that I am teaching myself keyboard in a past post, and I love it so much. Currently I am learning on my mums keyboard, but it’s old, doesn’t always work and it’s not mine. I’d like to have my own which I could take to uni with me and again I really don’t expect this gift because they are so expensive!

That’s the list complete! Like I said, I don’t expect gift and I don’t expect to get anything off this list, but whatever happens i’ll always be grateful for what I receive 🙂 Let me know down below what you would get if you had all the money in the world and I’ll make sure to check it out 🙂

Alice x


I couldn’t get a part-time job this summer, no matter how hard I tried! This has inevitably left me financially screwed and somehow I’ve got to survive living on my own :-/ You can see where this is going :-/

I have had a part-time job before a few years ago, but that was just for the Christmas period. From then on, I decided I would focus on my studies and then get part-time work in the summer to support me when I go to university. Well that plan failed!

So now this has left me in a very difficult position where I have no money, yet I need a lot of money for university. Now I know I wont die because of student finance – when the government very kindly lend you some money because they want you to go to university but they know you are super poor. So I’m ok for a while, but it wont be enough overall. You may be thinking “Alice, just get a job in your university town” and that is the new plan, BUT my accommodation halls want a £300 deposit…£300 DEPOSIT!!! I don’t have that kind of money!!

Luckily I’ve been able to solve that problem today too, but it still leaves me with even less money then I originally had and no money to buy items for university! What you find is that when you get into uni, suddenly you need things like a baking tray, bed covers and a bath mat! Items that you usually take for granted now need to be purchased as you can’t take all of your parents things with you to uni. To be fair though, my parents have been very kind and have bought most of my things so far. However, there is one item that is very crucial that you need for university and that I have no money for…a laptop.

Some of you may already have the super fast, brand new laptop or tablet but mine is four years old and goes at the pace of a slug. So it’s super important to have a good working laptop for uni, with all the essays i’m going to be writing! (By the way, I work on a desktop computer at the moment so it’s too big to take that to university)

Also, some of you may be thinking “but Alice, you mentioned that it was going to be your birthday soon, why not ask for money or a laptop?” For those of you who don’t know, in a previous blog I said that my birthday was in about a week and if you want to read that blog its called “Results” and i’ll leave a link to it here ->

Now that seems like a good idea doesn’t it? However, its my eighteenth and everyone wants to get me something special that i’ll treasure forever and remember them by. No doubt I love that, I think it’s really cute and very thoughtful which I am grateful for, but this is probably the first year ever where I just really need money! I don’t mind what anyone gets me, in fact they don’t have to get me anything I’m just grateful for their thoughts and wishes on the day 🙂 I don’t like to pressure my friends into getting me anything because I know that they probably have just as little as I do, and my family shouldn’t feel inclined to get me something either, but I’ve been told its what people do and I should just shut up and tell them what I want!

So this is my real dilemma, I’ve managed to deal with the deposit for accommodation, my parents are helping me with items for uni, but I still need to find a way to obtain this laptop…My dad told me though that everything will turn out ok and we’ll find a way to solve it just like everything else and I have faith in that 🙂

If I had to give you teenagers advice on money, I have a list of handy tips for you:

  1. GET A PART-TIME JOB – Don’t do what I did, get a job as soon as you can and stick to it, it’s a lot easier in the long run for your CV and personal statement, and you get money to spend on you too!
  2. Don’t take on too much – Although you need a job, you also need a life and time to study so don’t work too much in your job because a-levels are exhausting and that’ll only make it worse.
  3. Go for retail – Hate to tell you this, but you probably wont get a job in anything else. Retail or restaurants are the only places that hire teenagers who have no working experience and who want part-time work so its time to learn how to use a till!
  4. Don’t spend it all – you’ll find that you need some of it for either university or driving etc etc

Hopefully my advice will help you out and again if you have anything you want to share or ask, leave a comment down below 🙂

Alice x


Results Day

So this is a follow up post from “Counting Down”, if you’d like to read that one first I’ll leave the link here ->

The results are in, the moment is here, I login to UCAS and…I’VE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO UNIVERSITY!!!

What a relief that was! A week of stress and worry was over, and my future for the next three years was secure. So how did I react? I didn’t know what to do! I walked downstairs in my pj’s and my family were there waiting for the news, which they were ecstatic to hear 🙂 They have gone through as much stress and worry as I have! Especially my mum, who doesn’t want her super young baby girl to go. You see, I’m still seventeen and I will be eighteen for a month before I go so she worries about me being too young :-/

Anyways, relieved by the news I was straight in the shower, changed and down to my school in a flash! I saw a few of my friends that I hadn’t seen in a while which was nice, and I picked up my results and they were what I was hoping to get 🙂 I also got to see my favourite teachers for the last time which was so sad, but they were simply so happy about the results that no one really thought about it. I felt so proud of my friends though because we’ve all worked hard to get what we want and we all achieved it together 🙂

After that life returned to normal. Most people were celebrating with there families that day or resting after the sleepless night they just had! I didn’t do anything particularly special, but since my eighteenth is in a week I’ll be celebrating everything then 🙂

Right now, I’m preparing for the next big step in my life. Writing thousands of lists and sorting everything out before the big moving in day. My university (its nice to say that) has already sent me a welcome pack and I’m really excited, yet scared to start 🙂

That’s pretty much it! If you have any questions about a-levels or the university process, leave a comment down below and I’ll answer them as soon as possible 🙂 If you had your results day too, I hope everything went well for you and I’ll be posting again soon.

Alice x


Now That’s What I Call Music! USA

I am a huge sucker for mainstream pop music and I think I always will be 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not oblivious to other genres of music. In fact, I love everything from rock to country, to classical and even comedy songs. Yet currently this compilation CD from Now Music has me listening to the same songs on repeat for hours! This CD wasn’t even released recently, it came out in 2013! I haven’t always been into music, but since my teenage years began its been a very important part of my life. Not only listening to songs and appreciating different artists, but I also sing and I am teaching myself the keyboard. I feel like all music will be appreciated by someone out there, whether we agree with them or not, so don’t judge my choices haha 😉 The songs that I’ve been enjoying in particular are:

  1. Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars – This song is so much fun to sing! I was in a choir for the past year and this is one of the songs that we sang, so it always brings back great memories every time I hear it 🙂
  2. I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas – Now when this song comes on, you know it’s time to party because you know that tonight really is gunna be a good night 😉
  3. Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell – You know, when this song first came out I wasn’t really a fan of it. However, good old Robin Thicke has converted me and now I know all the words.
  4. Payphone by Marron 5 featuring Wiz Khalifa – I loved this song as soon as it came out and then I listened to it so much, that I got a little sick of it, but now it’s back on my IPod and i’m loving Adam Levine’s voice 🙂
  5. Die Young by Ke$ha – LET ME EXPLAIN BEFORE YOU GO JUDGING ME BECAUSE IT’S KE$HA! First of all, as a vocalist myself I feel like I might make the song better, but overall this song is real fun and I can imagine myself dancing to this song at a party anytime.
  6. Ready Or Not by Bridgit Mendler – This is one of those songs where you start bobbing in your chair when you hear it 🙂 I didn’t actually know this song before hand, but i’m glad I do now.
  7. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson – Anyone who knows me, knows that i’m a Kelly Clarkson fan and when this song came out, I felt really empowered by it and immediately had to learn the dance moves from the music video off course!
  8. Human by The Killers – This song has a beautiful build up to it which naturally makes me want to sing to it, with that thud of the base drum throughout keeping the timing of the song perfectly.
  9. Heart Attack by Demi Lovato – One of my favourite Disney Channel stars, Demi Lovato was rightly recognized with this song and her voice is so amazing with the amount of power she has!
  10. Apologize by OneRepublic – This song has a great piano piece attached to it and is definitely one i’d like to learn one day. The emotion through the song is really felt and I always take the meaningful lyrics to heart.
  11. Fireflies by Owl City – So much fun! I didn’t know this song when it came out, I knew of it, but I had never actually heard it and I didn’t know it was by Owl City! Love it 🙂
  12. Ho Hey by The Lumineers – Great song for everyone to join in with and really relays the feelings of family and togetherness 🙂


So theses are the songs I’ve been loving recently. All of them are so much fun to sing and make me super happy 🙂 If you have any songs you’ve been enjoying recently, feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

Alice x


Counting Down

So yesterday I was kindly reminded that there is one week until my a-level results day -.-

Now I have actually been really good this year, I haven’t thought about results day at all which has allowed me to enjoy my summer, but for the past two weeks its been a constant topic of conversation. Everyone is freaking out! I don’t want to freak out! There isn’t anything that can be done about it anyway so why are people so worried?! Naturally it is a nerve-wracking time and I do understand people feeling nervous, but when its constantly on your mind the days are just going to go slower and slower.

However, whats been on my mind the most are university offers. I was out at Nando’s restaurant with my friends yesterday and while on the topic of results, I received a text message from one of my best friends saying the following: “I’M IN!!!! AND I GOT ACCEPTED BY MY INSURANCE TOO SO MY GRADES MUST BE OK!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!! U GUYS ALL NEED TO CHECK UCAS!!!”

Now for those of you who don’t know the university process, after writing a personal statement about yourself you upload all necessary information to a website called “UCAS” which stands for “Universities and Colleges Admissions Service.” On this website you can select up to 5 universities to apply for and UCAS will then send your information to those universities. After consideration, you are likely to receive either an unconditional offer (which means that no grades are necessary for you to go there), a conditional offer (which means you can go to that university based on what grades you get), or a rejection which should be self explanatory. Once you find out the outcome of your universities decisions, you select one university as your firm choice and one as your insurance choice as a back up, with the rest being rejected. Most people have conditional university offers and that therefore means we are all waiting for results day to see if we have been accepted or not, yet my friend apparently already knows…

So this is a strange situation to be in as technically you shouldn’t know if you’ve been accepted until results day. Now my sister is older than me and she does go to university so I know how the process works. From what happened last year the only explanation for this that I can think of is that UCAS is trying to avoid crashing. Last year, so many people were on the website at once that it crashed on many occasions. Therefore it would make sense to allow some universities to do this early. Obviously I don’t like it because I don’t know if i’m in or not and I do have to wait until results day, but for others this will be a sigh of relief.

Only time will tell of whats going to happen and I will have to simply wait :/ For anyone else who is going through a similar phase of counting down to an event, the easiest way to make time go quicker is to not think about it. I know that’s hard but the more you think about it, the more you’ll want it to come and then time will just appear to not be moving fast enough. My advice is to keep your mind occupied as much as possible. Always be thinking of things to do as when your mind is allowed to wonder, it’ll just go back to the same thing. A couple of things that I’ve been doing are:

  1. Writing this blog
  2. Reading
  3. Watching TV shows and anime
  4. Meeting with friends
  5. Playing video games
  6. Listening to music and updating my IPod
  7. Surfing the internet and watching YouTube videos

I hope that this helps you if you are waiting for results like I am, or simply counting down to another important event 🙂 I hope you have an awesome day and I will be writing again soon 🙂

Alice x

Death Note


Ok, so I may be a little late to jump on this train, but I’ve just finished the anime “Death Note” and it was amazing!

As a Philosophy and Ethics student, I was naturally interested in the issues that were raised in the anime about right and wrong, and who deserves to die and live. Whether there is such a thing as “Gods” or if everything can be solved logically. I loved following the characters of Light, L and Ryuk the most.

Light Yagami started the series as a teenager who discovers a book of death known as the “death note.” The idea is that once you write a name in the death note, that person will die. That is the basic premise of the anime and Light brings it upon himself to clear the world of all criminals in order to create a perfect new world. I wont go into anymore detail than that as I want to discuss Light as a character. At first you realize that he is an extremely intelligent individual, with a strong sense of justice, but seems to be confused about how much someone should be punished for what they do. As the story continues, you slowly see Light becoming more and more obsessed with the death note in an attempt to create this new world, without being discovered. Due to this, the public give Light the nickname “Kira.” The way he acts throughout the anime creates a convincing display in proving to the police that he is not Kira, which makes him even more interesting. His intelligence and skill allowed him to go undetected for so many years, until the pressure finally corrupts him leading to his inevitable capture and death. You see how much Light changes in the last episodes of the anime, as usually he is able to keep his thoughts to himself, but by desperately wanting to win he is careless and that is how you know that it is finally over.  However although Light individually is a strong character, it’s his relationship with the character L that makes the anime different to me.

L is known as the best detective in the world, solving every case he has faced alone, so naturally the “Kira case” (as it was called) was one he wanted to take on. L was a cautious character at first, protecting his identity at all cost to prevent being killed, but with this case we finally see who the real L is. This created a sense of mystery to the character for me, and what was better was his undefinable likeness to Light. Although having different ideals, they both claimed to be “justice” and with regards to characteristics they weren’t that different. L was also extremely intelligent and when teamed up with Light, they seemed unstoppable. Although L suspected Light of being Kira the entire anime, he still classed him as his one true friend. L ended up being killed by Light, yet L still occupied Lights mind even to his dying day. The events that these two go through are unbelievable, but their relationship is the best one to follow in the anime, in my opinion.

Finally there is Ryuk. He is a shinigami, meaning “god of death”, and he is the owner of the death note that Light ends up finding. He can only be seen by people who have touched the note book and he will remain in the human world until the new owner dies or they relinquish the note book willingly back to the shinigami. Ryuk knows that to live, he must kill humans before their time to obtain the years that person never lived. However, what makes him fascinating in the anime is that he was simply bored and was just a spectator to whatever Light did. He did not assist him unless necessary and most of all, he couldn’t care what happened at all, he just wanted to be entertained. Therefore to me, Ryuk represents the audience watching the anime. Like us, Ryuk doesn’t know what is going to happen and is happy enough to just watch events unfold, which is what makes him my favourite character.

Well there you have it, that’s my take on Death Note and some of the main characters involved. I would highly recommend this anime to anyone as its short, gripping and thought provoking, which is what makes it entertaining. If you want to leave a comment with your thoughts on Death Note, i’ll reply asap 🙂 Have an awesome day and I’ll be writing again soon 🙂

Alice x

Welcome to Wonderland

I’ve started a blog!!!

Well this is cool! Hey everyone, my name is Alice (although you probably already know that) and this is the first time I’ve ever done a blog so suggestions on how to improve are welcome 🙂 This is a place for me to simply express what is currently on my mind and as you will soon discover, I write how I would speak so this will be extremely informal :-p

A little bit about myself, I am a teenager hoping to go to university to study Philosophy and Religion soon and I am aspiring to work within social work as a counsellor one day. I love so many things, but a list of them in particular is:

  1. BBC Merlin!!!!
  2. Singing
  3. Disney
  4. Music
  5. X-Men
  6. Japanese culture
  7. Pokemon
  8. Nicholas Spark books
  9. YouTube
  10. And much more!

I am looking forward to seeing how this blog progresses and if you wish to join me on my journey, then you are more than welcome 🙂 Like I said, welcome to Wonderland 🙂

Alice x