Counting Down

So yesterday I was kindly reminded that there is one week until my a-level results day -.-

Now I have actually been really good this year, I haven’t thought about results day at all which has allowed me to enjoy my summer, but for the past two weeks its been a constant topic of conversation. Everyone is freaking out! I don’t want to freak out! There isn’t anything that can be done about it anyway so why are people so worried?! Naturally it is a nerve-wracking time and I do understand people feeling nervous, but when its constantly on your mind the days are just going to go slower and slower.

However, whats been on my mind the most are university offers. I was out at Nando’s restaurant with my friends yesterday and while on the topic of results, I received a text message from one of my best friends saying the following: “I’M IN!!!! AND I GOT ACCEPTED BY MY INSURANCE TOO SO MY GRADES MUST BE OK!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!! U GUYS ALL NEED TO CHECK UCAS!!!”

Now for those of you who don’t know the university process, after writing a personal statement about yourself you upload all necessary information to a website called “UCAS” which stands forΒ “Universities and Colleges Admissions Service.” On this website you can select up to 5 universities to apply for and UCAS will then send your information to those universities. After consideration, you are likely to receive either an unconditional offer (which means that no grades are necessary for you to go there), a conditional offer (which means you can go to that university based on what grades you get), or a rejection which should be self explanatory. Once you find out the outcome of your universities decisions, you select one university as your firm choice and one as your insurance choice as a back up, with the rest being rejected. Most people have conditional university offers and that therefore means we are all waiting for results day to see if we have been accepted or not, yet my friend apparently already knows…

So this is a strange situation to be in as technically you shouldn’t know if you’ve been accepted until results day. Now my sister is older than me and she does go to university so I know how the process works. From what happened last year the only explanation for this that I can think of is that UCAS is trying to avoid crashing. Last year, so many people were on the website at once that it crashed on many occasions. Therefore it would make sense to allow some universities to do this early. Obviously I don’t like it because I don’t know if i’m in or not and I do have to wait until results day, but for others this will be a sigh of relief.

Only time will tell of whats going to happen and I will have to simply wait :/ For anyone else who is going through a similar phase of counting down to an event, the easiest way to make time go quicker is to not think about it. I know that’s hard but the more you think about it, the more you’ll want it to come and then time will just appear to not be moving fast enough. My advice is to keep your mind occupied as much as possible. Always be thinking of things to do as when your mind is allowed to wonder, it’ll just go back to the same thing. A couple of things that I’ve been doing are:

  1. Writing this blog
  2. Reading
  3. Watching TV shows and anime
  4. Meeting with friends
  5. Playing video games
  6. Listening to music and updating my IPod
  7. Surfing the internet and watching YouTube videos

I hope that this helps you if you are waiting for results like I am, or simply counting down to another important event πŸ™‚ I hope you have an awesome day and I will be writing again soon πŸ™‚

Alice x


4 thoughts on “Counting Down

  1. Hey, i’m new to this, but really like your blog! You give some good advice, I personally think you sound like a very smart person, so you shouldn’t need to worry about anything πŸ™‚ I hope you continue to blog throughout your university days, and wish you the very best for the future πŸ™‚

    PS: The friend that sent the text sounds like an awesome guy

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