I couldn’t get a part-time job this summer, no matter how hard I tried! This has inevitably left me financially screwed and somehow I’ve got to survive living on my own :-/ You can see where this is going :-/

I have had a part-time job before a few years ago, but that was just for the Christmas period. From then on, I decided I would focus on my studies and then get part-time work in the summer to support me when I go to university. Well that plan failed!

So now this has left me in a very difficult position where I have no money, yet I need a lot of money for university. Now I know I wont die because of student finance – when the government very kindly lend you some money because they want you to go to university but they know you are super poor. So I’m ok for a while, but it wont be enough overall. You may be thinking “Alice, just get a job in your university town” and that is the new plan, BUT my accommodation halls want a £300 deposit…£300 DEPOSIT!!! I don’t have that kind of money!!

Luckily I’ve been able to solve that problem today too, but it still leaves me with even less money then I originally had and no money to buy items for university! What you find is that when you get into uni, suddenly you need things like a baking tray, bed covers and a bath mat! Items that you usually take for granted now need to be purchased as you can’t take all of your parents things with you to uni. To be fair though, my parents have been very kind and have bought most of my things so far. However, there is one item that is very crucial that you need for university and that I have no money for…a laptop.

Some of you may already have the super fast, brand new laptop or tablet but mine is four years old and goes at the pace of a slug. So it’s super important to have a good working laptop for uni, with all the essays i’m going to be writing! (By the way, I work on a desktop computer at the moment so it’s too big to take that to university)

Also, some of you may be thinking “but Alice, you mentioned that it was going to be your birthday soon, why not ask for money or a laptop?” For those of you who don’t know, in a previous blog I said that my birthday was in about a week and if you want to read that blog its called “Results” and i’ll leave a link to it here ->

Now that seems like a good idea doesn’t it? However, its my eighteenth and everyone wants to get me something special that i’ll treasure forever and remember them by. No doubt I love that, I think it’s really cute and very thoughtful which I am grateful for, but this is probably the first year ever where I just really need money! I don’t mind what anyone gets me, in fact they don’t have to get me anything I’m just grateful for their thoughts and wishes on the day 🙂 I don’t like to pressure my friends into getting me anything because I know that they probably have just as little as I do, and my family shouldn’t feel inclined to get me something either, but I’ve been told its what people do and I should just shut up and tell them what I want!

So this is my real dilemma, I’ve managed to deal with the deposit for accommodation, my parents are helping me with items for uni, but I still need to find a way to obtain this laptop…My dad told me though that everything will turn out ok and we’ll find a way to solve it just like everything else and I have faith in that 🙂

If I had to give you teenagers advice on money, I have a list of handy tips for you:

  1. GET A PART-TIME JOB – Don’t do what I did, get a job as soon as you can and stick to it, it’s a lot easier in the long run for your CV and personal statement, and you get money to spend on you too!
  2. Don’t take on too much – Although you need a job, you also need a life and time to study so don’t work too much in your job because a-levels are exhausting and that’ll only make it worse.
  3. Go for retail – Hate to tell you this, but you probably wont get a job in anything else. Retail or restaurants are the only places that hire teenagers who have no working experience and who want part-time work so its time to learn how to use a till!
  4. Don’t spend it all – you’ll find that you need some of it for either university or driving etc etc

Hopefully my advice will help you out and again if you have anything you want to share or ask, leave a comment down below 🙂

Alice x



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