Forgive and Forget

I haven’t posted recently due to my mind being fixated on my birthday, but during this past week an event occurred that I feel like I should share.

So I decided to have my friends over for my 18th birthday just as a small get together, where I invited my group of 5 friends. Deciding on a day was the hardest part; results day had been the main topic of thought and so my birthday (which was the following week) hadn’t been given much thought, even by me. After all the commotions was over, I choose a day where I could get most of my friends to come over. Unfortunately, one of my friends had already said that they couldn’t make that day and so I was expecting 4 people over.

That seemed like a fair number, I don’t particularly like having a lot of people around so I was quite content with my group of 4 coming over for a chat. I then receive news that one of my friends will then be late by a few hours to my gathering. Again, I was ok with that they couldn’t do anything about it and they were still coming so I was fine.

However, then came the day of the party. Now I haven’t actually seen my friends a lot this summer as we’ve all had our own individual plans and therefore getting together has been difficult, with results and university also involved. Naturally, I was really excited to hang out with my friends and to enjoy celebrating results and my birthday. Then I get a text message from another friend stating that she’ll be late too. At this point it was getting a little desperate, I had one friend who couldn’t make it and two friends who were going to be late, but it was ok because I knew that the 4 of them would be here eventually anyway.

Despite that the worst news was yet to come. My best friend, on the day of the party, who will probably be reading this post, couldn’t make it. So the situation now was that I invited 5 of my closest friends, 2 of them couldn’t make it, and 2 of them were going to be late. I broke down in tears.

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I am a secret emotional person. I never fully express my emotions but I wasn’t expecting this. I couldn’t help myself because I just thought it was so unfair. I had been waiting for my 18th birthday for ages and I was so excited to see my friends, yet they were all rather preoccupied. I felt sad mainly because I had been there for their 18th birthday’s and I had found it really hard to arrange this so that as many people as possible could make it. I was really close to calling it all off at this stage and simply telling my friends to leave it because I thought that they clearly had something better to do. I was not in my right mind and someone in particular could see that, my mum.

She looked at the positives within the situation and she knew that I’d still have fun with the 3 friends that would all be here eventually, and off course she was right. I felt bad for my best friend though as I had been a little harsh on him for bailing at the last minute. The party went on and everyone seemed to have enjoyed their time being together, eating food and having a gossip. However, you are still probably wondering why this post is called “Forgive and Forget.”

Later that night, my best friend sent me a text stating that he felt really bad that he couldn’t make and therefore wanted to take me out as a treat for my 18th. Now I believe that not many people would have offered to do this (especially after what I said to him) which automatically made me forgive him.

Not many people would have forgiven him so easily, as he made a commitment to come to my party and then decided not to at the last minute. Also being my best friend it was important for him to be there so you may question why he was forgiven so easily. I realised though that being able to forgive and forget a situation was extremely important. It wasn’t going to be the end of the world if my best mat couldn’t make it, and off course it wasn’t, yet it felt like it to me. However, he then went out of his way to set things right because he knew how much this meant to me and so he did the right thing.

A few days later we went shopping together, looked at some cute things and he treated me to a coffee. The situation was never spoken about because we both knew that there was nothing to say. There was a problem and it was solved, and life continued. It was important for this to be recognised as a “forgive and forget” situation because this was a special moment and he was still able to share that experience with me, even though he couldn’t make it to my party. I love this boy to pieces, annoying as he is sometimes, and I am so glad to have him in my life. Therefore fighting and falling out over something like this wasn’t worth it.

If you have fallen out with a friend, be the better person, solve the issue because I am sure that whatever it is, it isn’t worth losing your friend over it. Both apologise, don’t be that person who thinks they have to wait for the other to apologise first as it’ll only prolong the process. If you’ve had an argument and you want to make things right then do something. That’s what happened here and no doubt that was the right thing to do. I love my best friend, he is like family to me and I forgive him. I just hope he forgives me too ❤

New post should be coming soon, I am planning on calling it “Birthday Haul” as a following up from my post “Birthday Wish List”. Then that should be everything related to my birthday out of my system haha! I hope my advice helps any of you out there and feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on forgiving and forgetting down below 🙂

Alice x


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