Birthday Haul

It’s finally here! The post that absolutely no one has been waiting for, the birthday haul!

So I got some amazing gifts for my 18th birthday and I have fully admitted that I have been spoilt! This is a simple run down of the presents I got from my friends and family for my birthday 🙂 If you want to check out the post before this one called “Birthday Wish List” I’ll leave a link to it right here ->

Ok so I’ll start of with my friends 🙂

Frozen Poster


Sorry about the camera quality by the way, but yeah this was given to me at my 18th party by one of my mates and they clearly know me well as I love Disney and Frozen! I reminds me of my sister and me 🙂

Best friends gifts: Cus Cute


Now my best friend is amazing, I know he will be reading this and he needs to know that I love him so much ❤ He really thought about my gifts and made my birthday special and fun! So he labelled his presents with little clues as to what the gift represents, with the first being “cus cute.” Inside was a little mummy hen and her little chicks, and its a wind up toy so the chicks follow the mummy hen! It is so cute!

Close Enough


This was by far the funniest thing I got! He knows how much I want a keyboard of my own and so he got the closest thing to one! So funny XD

Cus We Need To Go


I love the X-Men and I love Wolverine, I also really love Hugh Jackman, yet I am yet to see this film! For those of you who don’t know, this film is set in Japan and Japan is somewhere we would both love to go to some day, so this was such an awesome gift 🙂

Cus It’s You


Let me tell you this, I’ve known this boy for about half a year and still he knows everything I like! He was so amazing with his gifts, so thoughtful and I can not wait to read this one 🙂

Ok so with my friends out the way lets move on to my family:

ITunes Vouchers/Money

itunes-100-giftcardPublic domain image, royalty free stock photo from

From my relatives (so my aunts and uncles etc) I was given some money which was generous of them, and I also got £25 ITunes voucher which is always good 🙂 this will be really helpful so I am so grateful!

Nan and Grandad: 18th stand, Rose Quartz Duck, Dinner Set and Necklace


So my grandparents wanted to get me something 18 related hence the 18th stand as something special for the occasion, my love of ducks is clearly obvious to them haha, the dinner set is for university and the necklace is from one of my favourite places to buy jewellery. They are lovely gifts very precious and I will look after them all!

Mum and Dad: Pandora Charm, Storage Box and Laptop


I am a guilty, spoilt child. Ok, so the castle charm that you see on the bracelet is from my parents (I’ll talk about the bracelet later.) They also got me a storage box with this 1920’s style woman on it, so I can pack my things for university, and yes they got me a laptop. They got me the laptop that I’ve been trying to figure out how to get with the little money I have. They got me the laptop that I mentioned in “Birthday Wish List” and I am typing on it now! So lucky and so grateful these are just some amazing gifts that I love ❤

My Sister: Stationary, Top, Storage Box, Mirror, Duck Toothbrush Holder and Pandora Bracelet with 18 Charm


I love my sister and she has no doubt spoiled me wwwaayyy more than she should have! Ok lets break it down, I got a stationary set with pens and duck pins which is all for university. Then I got the heart top that you see on the right (for the start of my new wardrobe) and it is on top of the storage box that has another 1920’s woman on it to match the one from my parents. Next I have a mirror and duck toothbrush holder which are again for university, and finally the toothbrush bracelet with 18 charm. She wanted to get me something special to remember my 18th by as I did the same for her. These are all really amazing and special gifts and I can’t thank her enough ❤

So these are all the gifts I got from my 18th birthday and I am so pleased and grateful! They are all really thoughtful and amazing and I cant thank my friends and family enough for making it so special 🙂 Now that all my birthday thoughts are out of my system, sure enough something else will be filling my head soon haha 🙂

Alice x







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