So I haven’t blogged in a while and that’s because I’ve had no time! I have a couple of ideas in my head that I’d like to write about, but the main reason I haven’t been blogging is because I was so busy getting ready for university and now here I am!

I made it to Bangor University about 2 days ago and everything has been a lot easier than expected. A lot of that is thanks to my parents who have really helped me food wise! I don’t feel pressured or worried about not eating yet because they have stocked me up so well!

Also, my room looks awesome! I am so proud of myself, it just looks amazing. It has all the girly touches I wanted it to have and it jus feels like the perfect bedroom :-3

Today I am meeting with my fellow philosophy and religion students for the first time, and it really feels like my first day at school. Having to make new friends and know where you’re going, its basically like starting all over again. I’m sure it’ll be fine as soon as I get there 🙂

I’ve got on really well with my flatmates 🙂 They are all very friendly and nice people, which feels so good to have that community around you, as well as knowing who you can always go to if you need help.

The only thing o y mind is money, but I’m sorting that all out today and I’m sure I am absolutely fine 🙂

I’m feeling so much better about this whole experience now. I thought living alone was going to be stressful and saddening, but I feel really comfortable and happy here 🙂 The only thing that would make it better would be having my best friend here, but that was inevitable really. I miss him, but we talk all the time and love talking to him on Skype 🙂

So overall, not been blogging because of university but I will be blogging a lot more now that I’m here and settled 🙂

I love Bangor, and I can’t wait to share all the experiences I have on Alice’s Thoughts 🙂

Alice x


Naruto Episode 1 – 100


I am loving Naruto! I know it’s been around for a while, but I thought I’d start watching it now since I have the time and I’m so glad I did 🙂 So this blog post is my opinion on the anime and its characters so far 🙂


Naruto Uzumaki


Naruto is obviously the main character in the anime and you follow him on his journey to become the greatest ninja ever. My first thoughts on Naruto: this kid is an idiot! Is this still my opinion on him after the first 100 episodes? Yes, but he’s warmed up to me a lot more. He’s had a hard life, living with no family and being shunned by society because he contains the demon that almost destroyed their village inside of him, he has had a tough time. However, he has a fighting spirit and is still determined to be the best no matter what people say, which is something I admire about him. He’s not my favourite character though, why? Because although I feel sorry for him, he still has a lot to learn about growing up and being the best. I also feel that he is the strongest character so far within the anime. That may come as no surprise since he is the main character, but if you have watched the anime you may be shocked at that statement. Yes, there are other characters and they are very strong, but Naruto has developed the most out of them all in my opinion and therefore I think he’ll be ok 🙂 He has some healthy competition with the other ninjas, which I’ll speak about soon enough, and this only makes things more interesting. He’s doing well so far and has grown up a lot since he first became a Genin (first rank of ninja) which is why I like him more, but still he has a lot to learn and he still needs to get stronger. I have high hopes for Naruto and I have no doubt that he’ll achieve his dream of becoming Hokage one day. If he can master difficult Ninjutsu like the A-ranked Rasengan, created by the fourth Hokage, even when he’s still a kid, he must be destined for great things 🙂 I’m interested to see how this number one, hyperactive, knuckleheaded ninja will grow an develop over the coming years, BELIEVE IT!

Sasuke Uchiha


Sasuke is sassy! This guy thinks he’s the best and knows he’s the best! Actually, I don’t think he’s the best but he is mighty strong. Sasuke has had a rough start to life too with his entire family clan being killed by his older brother Itachi, who I have only just met in the anime. Due to this it has become Sasukes goal to become strong enough to kill his older brother and avenge his family. His brother is a strong fighter however and I think this will be more of a challenge than expected for Sasuke. Either way he trains hard to improve his strength and he is learning how to use his Sharingan to the best of its ability. The Sharingan is a desired trait to have as it is an awfully powerful tool to use in battle, and our bad-guy of the series has already set his sights on obtaining its power. Sasuke is young though and has time to learn like everyone else, he can already use a powerful Ninjutsu called Chidori that his sensei taught him which shows Sasukes strength. Not only is he a powerful ninja and the rival of every other ninja in the anime, including Naruto, but he is also a babe magnet! All the girls love him, and as shallow as it sounds that factor alone causes rivalries between them! Does Sasuke care though? Nope, but if he wanted a girl he could get one easily haha :-p

Sakura Haruno


SAKURA IS THE MOST USELESS MAIN CHARACTER I HAVE EVER MET! As a girl myself, I like to see the female characters stand their own ground and be super strong and amazing, but Sakura is beyond useless! She’s done nothing! At all! WHAT! During the Chūnin exams, Sakura really had a chance to prove herself! Sakura and fellow  team mates Naruto and Sasuke had made it to the preliminaries before the final round and she had a good opponent. Not someone too strong, someone who was about her level and was her biggest rival too! This definitely caused some fighting spirit and I really wanted Sakura to kick ass and for the whole team to go to the finals, but what happens? SHE LOSES! BEYONG USELESS! Now Naruto fans out there are probably having a secret go at me now, because she probably ends up becoming an amazing ninja, but right not all she’s done is stood around and fan girled over Sasuke! I hope she develops into an amazing, strong character because so far I’m not seeing it which is a shame 😦 Although to be fair her sensei hasn’t helped her a lot, he’s been rather preoccupied with Sasuke :-/ She intelligent, definitely smarter than the other two, but she really needs to work on her practical skills and get in there! Come on Sakura!

Kakashi Hatake AKA Kakashi Sensei  


This is Kakashi Sensei. Look how freaking cool he is! Kakashi is the sensei training Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. He has a Sharingan, like Sasuke, but only in one eye (the one that’s covered by his band) and I have no idea how he got it. However Kakashi has proven himself to be a strong ninja so far, cocky at times but strong nonetheless. He worked closely with his team and has been on missions with them, but its obvious that he has a soft spot of Sasuke. They are very similar in character and they have the same set of skills, and since Sasuke is a huge target for any ninja, I feel like Kakashi wants to help him so that he s prepared for anything. The amount of attention he gives Sasuke annoys Naruto greatly and has left Sakura without guidance but I guess everyone is learning how to work as a team. Kakashi is a great character, so cool and calm yet awesomely strong! I’m excited to see how the relationships form between him and his team. I’m also excited to se what his goals and aspirations are for the future, I think there is a lot more to Kakashi then meets the eye…get it! Oh gosh I should never do that again haha XD

Now that I’ve spoken about the main characters within the anime, I’m going to talk about a few other interesting people who have popped up 🙂

Hinata Hyūga


Hinata is the cutest character and by far my favourite female 🙂 Is she the strongest? No. Has she beaten anyone? No. Well she sounds just as useless as Sakura then! NOW HOLD UP! This is different, because Hinata has a family name and history that she cant get away from. There has been a huge divide within the Hyūga clan and Hinata had a lot to live up too. However, she’s not the strongest, she’s very shy, and she’s doing the best she can to make her family proud of her! Now if that’s not admirable then I don’t know what is. I believe she’ll find her own path and become the ninja she wants to be, no matter what family reputation there is. Hinata has something called the Byakugan, which give her a 360 degree scope of where she is, it allows her to see up to 50 metres and further with training, and she can also see peoples Chakra points which is what they use to perform Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. These eyes are bad ass and I hope she’ll be able to put them to good use in the future 🙂

Ino Yamanaka


I don’t really have a lot to say about Ino, again she is a pretty useless character and hasn’t been all that amazing so far, but she has an undeniable rivalry with Sakura. Ino is the one who battled Sakura an this proves how useless they both are, you ready, I told you Sakura lost but guess what? So did Ino, it was a draw! The only thing making Ino slightly better is that she has a technique called the mind transfer jutsu which is signature to her, and is a good technique for battle. Ino needs to develop more, like Sakura, and they both need to stop fussing over Sasuke, because although it creates healthy competition between the two of them, he really doesn’t care hahaha XD

Shikamaru Nara


Shikamaru is extremely intelligent, with an IQ over 200! But he is the laziest person ever! With an IQ like that, he is a great strategist and with some hard work he could be an amazing ninja, but that’s the problem he hates work! I feel like is he finds a motivation he’ll do great, but again its finding that motivation that’s the problem :-/ Shikamaru is close friends with Naruto mainly because he sees himself on the same level as him. In the Chūnin exams, Shikamaru made it to the finals, but was shocked by the performances of the other competitors, especially Naruto as he won his match against a strong ninja called Neji, who I’m not going to speak about yet as I don’t see him as interesting enough, but maybe we’ll see. Shikamaru has a lot of potential and has great skills to be a team player. I hope they continue to develop his character from now on.

Konohamaru Sarutobi  


Konohamaru is the grandson of the 3rd Hokage, so quite a big deal then. I like Konohamaru, because as he’s so young when you first meet him, we’ll be able to see his development the most. He is close friends with Naruto and he admires him a lot. One day he too wishes to be Hokage and to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather 🙂 I think he is adorable and I’m looking forward o seeing him grow into a great shinobi 🙂

Rock Lee


I LOVE ROCK LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! …oh I need to say more? Oh ok I just thought that because it’s Lee we could leave it at that, oh alright then I’ll brag about how great Lee is then 😉 Lee is a ninja who has absolutely no talent whatsoever, yet he is still one of the strongest ninjas out there! Lee only uses Taijutsu as he has no luck with Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, and he strives to be the best ninja ever even though he is disadvantaged. He wants to prove that he can be just as good as ninja as anyone else, with only Taijutsu. When I first met Lee, I thought he was a bowl haired weirdo but after to episodes I was converted and my love for Lee has only grown since then 🙂 He is absolutely amazing and will push himself to the limit every time. He is so dedicated and he admires his sensei greatly. Lee is also super fast and amazingly kind and I want to see him more! By far he is my favourite character and I just love him 🙂 When Lee fought in the Chūnin exams, he was told that he could never fight again after sustaining the injuries that he did and this was me: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS CAN NOT BE THE END OF LEE!!!!! I LOVE HIM YOU CAN’T DO THIS HE’S AMAZING! WHAT ABOUT HIS DREAMS?! COME ON! LEE NO! *cries for hours*” this is how serious a problem I have haha XD But seriously, Lee is an interesting character and I would love to see more of him in the anime 🙂



This is a more controversial view of mine, but I actually really like Gaara. Her comes from the village hidden in the sand and like Naruto, he too has a demon inside of him. They sacrificed his mother so they could make Gaara into some type of weapon for their village and when they realised they couldn’t control Gaara, they tried to kill him! Gaara never asked for this! Yet everyone hates and fears him, he isn’t loved and because of that he believes that to feel alive he has to kill others. This naturally scared Naruto as he and Gaara are the same, and he realises that if his friend had never come along, then maybe he’d be thinking the same way Gaara does. I think he will change though, not much but a little. Gaara is amazing strong with this sand spirit inside of him always protecting him, but I think we’ll hopefully see a more caring Gaara develop and he’ll find more of a purpose for living then just killing others. He interests me and I want to see him get some love in his life, I don’t know we’ll see 🙂

Might Guy AKA Guy Sensei


Well this guy looks awfully similar to someone I know…hmm let me think…OH YEAH ROCK LEE! Guy is Lee’s sensei and role model 🙂 He is absolutely hilarious, but dedicated to his job and what he believes in. He loves Lee like a son and he wants to help Lee achieve his dreams. That’s why he has taught Lee some secret Taijutsu and has trained him hard so he can be the best. He has developed a strange rivalry with Kakashi, but nonetheless it helps Guy to stay motivated and determined to improve. He shows the same favouritism that Kakashi shows Sasuke and since he is Lee’s sensei naturally I love him haha 🙂

Hiruzen Sarutobi AKA the 3rd Hokage


This is the 3rd Hokage and the protector of the village hidden in the leaves, where our heroes live…he’s dead OPPS huge spoiler alert!!! Yeah he die not too long ago, ummm real sad…I had no attachment to the Hokage. I thought he was cool, I thought he was kind and strong, especially for his age, but the fact that he died didn’t really bother me. He’s old and he died doing his duty so it doesn’t surprise me at all. As soon as he started fighting the bad guy (who you’ll met in a second) I was like: “he ‘s dead, he has no chance, I’m sorry” and look who was right. I don’t know it was going to happen eventually and it just so happened to be really early on. He was great, but time for something new (and you’ll meet them in a second too)



This is our bad guy people, meet Orochimaru! He kind of looks like the bad guy doesn’t he? With this white face thing he has going on and them eyes, man he looks like he’s going to eat your soul! Then again though Gaara looks rather scary…still Orochimaru, old pupil of the 3rd Hokage and the one to eventually kill him. Well something seriously wrong there didn’t it?! I  him as a bad person yes, and clearly as the villain of this anime, but I mean the main thing he wants to do is crush the leaf village. I mean really? Is that it? Your goal is to crush one village? Come on Orochimaru step up your villain game! This guy is trouble, no doubt, but he needs to be a bit more evil for me. I like my bad guys to settle for nothing less than world domination and god-like status haha XD



This is…not the next Hokage, BUT he was offered the role! Jiraiya (or otherwise known as the pervy sage by Naruto) is one a Sannin and is one of the most powerful ninja in the entire world, yet he is more interested inbeing with young beautiful laddies -.- Jiraiya is the worst role model to have, but he is good at what he does. You might be thinking “Oh so he can beat up Orochimaru then” and he problem with that is, Orochimaru is also a Sannin and so hey are as strong as each other :-/Jiraiya is also known as the toad sage as he works alongside toads in battle, and everything is rather toad related with him haha :-p Jiraiya is currently teaching Naruto and he has a tough love relationship with him. They don’t get along all that well, but there is no doubt that Jiraiya has helped to make Naruto stronger. In fact, Jiraiya purposefully took Naruto off Kakashi’s hands, and hopefully we’ll see how he impacts Naruto and the village in the future.



This ladies and gentlemen, is the 5th Hokage, Lady Tsunade! First of all, awesome its a female! It’s good that they are mixing it up here! Secondly, she’s a healing ninja, that is plain cool. She’s helpful and strong! what more could you ask for in a Hokage? Sure she was reluctant at first, and she has a huge gambling problem, but she has the potential to be great I think 🙂 You may also be wondering what else qualifies her to be Hokage, well she is the third legendary Sannin of the hidden leaf village, yep she will kick your ass! Naruto inspired her into the role of Hokage and I think she’ll do all she can to be the best she can be, for him. He reminds her of her lover and younger brother who died years ago, and their dream was too be Hokage too so she wants to continue the dream, for them. I think that’s a worthy cause 🙂

AND THAT’S IT! Wow that was a lot to say, but I guess I had to explain characters too as this is and introduction as well as my thoughts haha 🙂 comment below your favourite Naruto character if you’ve watched the anime and ‘ll speak to you soon 🙂

Alice x