Bell’s Palsy

You are looking at this title and you probably have no idea what Bell’s Palsy is, well neither did I and its made life…different lets say.

Ok so I posted a little while ago about me being sick, which will be linked right here ->

Well, basically I was waiting a week to get better. Colds take about a week to go away and for you to recover. However, I woke up on the Sunday morning feeling slightly different. Something wasn’t right with my eye, but I assumed that I’d simply opened my eyes too quickly and they just needed to sort themselves out so I ignored it. Half way through the day I walked into the kitchen of my flat and started talking with my flatmates as you do, when suddenly laughing and smiling felt different. At the time I didn’t understand it, but I knew that it didn’t feel right at all. Now most people know if there is something wrong with you face, you would check to see if you were having a stroke. Quickly, yet discretely, I was checking my arms and speech for the common signs but I was perfectly fine, it was simply my face. Something was seriously wrong. I then went t my room, looked in the mirror and tried to close both eyes at the same time. I couldn’t do it, my right eye remained open no mater what. I also tried holding air in my mouth and I couldn’t do that either. Not going to lie, I was secretly panicking.

So what else do you do when something’s wrong and you don’t know what to do? Well you consult the two best sources of course: Google and my mum. Went onto googled typed “cant close one eye” and Bell’s Palsy instantly came up. I read the page found out all about it and then skyped my mum to see what she made of this. Now, unfortunately for  it was a Sunday and it was around late afternoon to early evening when I started to take action. This meant that everywhere was closed. Then after more google searching we found an emergency medical line. We were able to get in contact with a professional and at the end of the conversation it was concluded that I needed to get to hospital.

There was however a little bit of a problem with this: one I didn’t know where the hospital was and two I don’t drive which is the transport they recommended to get there quickly. I was at this point praying that one of my flat mates would drive me there is they had a car. I didn’t have a lot of time as I had to be here within half an hour, so I walked into the kitchen and immediately asked if anyone had a car. I’m a shy person and my friends had people over too so doing this was nerve wracking but it had to be done. Luckily for me one of my flatmates did have a car, and after asking them if they could take me to the hospital everyone was immediately concerned and doing all they could to help. I am so grateful to have such a loving bunch of people around me.

I was scared, but within minutes of asking my flatmates for help I was at the hospital. After a short period of waiting time I was seeing a doctor and she stated that it was Bell’s Palsy. For those of you who don’t know, Bells Palsy is the temporary weakness or paralysis of the muscles in one side of the face caused by a virus (my cold) that comps the nerves. So I was proscribed a type of steroid to take in order to strengthen the muscles in my face and eye drops as the eye I cant close will become super dry.

When I got a cold I didn’t expect to lose in half my face at the same time! It’s made life difficult I can tell you. I couldn’t close my eye to sleep so I had to tape it down, concentrating on anything was difficult as only one eye is doing all the work, you become tired extremely quickly spending most of your time sleeping, you can only use one half of your mouth so you can only eat solids and drinking is suddenly a challenge, and overall  most things that are easy usually, are now extremely difficult and it lowers your mood drastically. I mean you still have a cold and you cant smile! I don’t know it just really knocks your confidence.

I am fortunate enough to have such a loving and supportive group of people in my life who have helped me through this difficult time and they mean so much to me I can not thank them enough ❤ I am doing a lot better now and for those of  you who think you have this too or who are currently experiencing this, don’t worry or stress as it is only temporary and you’ll soon be back to your old self 🙂 Go to your GP and they’ll help you get back to normal in no time. Until then do whatever makes you happy 🙂 I bought new clothes and ate chocolate  🙂 I felt a lot better hahaha XD

Alice x


I’m Sick :-(

This is Alice, coming to you live from sickness central where I cannot breathe.. BEING ILL SUCKS!

This is the first post going into my “Rant” category and rightfully so! Seriously? What is this body?! So to stop my cold from getting worse, you decided to block my airways so I can’t breathe?! What’s up with that?!

Don’t you guys just love it as well, when you try your hardest to be really hygienic and polite and your flatmates couldn’t give two craps?! So here in Britain, it is definitely getting colder and two of my flatmates got colds a little bit ago. Now that was expected, I don’t mind at all, in fact I felt sorry for them, but when you go into the kitchen and they aren’t covering their mouths when they cough… THAT PISSES ME OFF! Think about the other people in the flat please while you’re projecting your germs into the communal area that everyone has to be in!

Oh, and by the way sneezing sucks! What even is sneezing?! And when you can’t control it and then it just continues to happen until you have a sneezing fit for the entire day! What?! It sucks even more because it blocks your airways so you cant breathe and you start producing mucus at an alarming rate. Then you have a choice, are you going to blow your nose and cause your nose to go all red and dry, which doesn’t solve anything because more mucus will be there in five minutes just causing you to use more tissues, OR are you going to try and swallow it filling your lungs with disgusting snot and making your throat so sore that it feels like its on fire? Mmmmmmm so many great options I just don’t know which one to choose!

Do you know what’s worse? When you have to go to a lecture and you are ill. When you’re not ill and everyone else is, you cant here the lecturer over all the sniffs, coughs and sneezes, but when you’re ill and you’re in a lecture, YOU CAN’T EVEN HEAR YOUR OWN THOUGHTS! You’re too busy trying to control the runny nose that you have and trying to be as silent while blowing your nose in front of everyone, immediately letting everyone know that you’re the disgusting germ that people should stay away from -.-

And the weather here doesn’t help. It’s raining more and more these days and in Britain when it rains in the winter, it is serious freaking rain! It is literally tipping it down and you are guaranteed to be soaking wet anytime you go outside. So when you go to your local super market to get the crappy medicine THAT DOESNT DO ANYTHING you get completely soaked at the same time which isn’t going to help.

Speaking of medicine, IT SERIOUSLY DOESNT WORK! So you spend a stupid amount of money on something that first of all tastes like death, and secondly doesn’t help you at all! Medicine is basically a huge lie! Its probably just a bunch of chemicals that some guy in a lab put together randomly, stuck a label on it and called it lemsip! ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR -.-

So that’s my life at the moment, if you’re having a similar problem and you want to rant about it too leave a comment down below. We can all rant about how our first world problem colds suck together! I’m going to go now and drink some death, and pick up the tissues that have missed the bin cause I’m too lazy to leave my bed each time to go to put them in the bin properly and I have crappy aim apparently -.-

Alice x

The Uni Life: Part 1

So I have been at university for 2 weeks now, and I bet you are all so excited to hear about the shenanigans that went on during freshers week…yeah ok my freshers wasn’t like everyone else’s, did I go out ever? No, did I spend most of the time watching Naruto? Yes, but I have reasons for my actions.

As some of you know I haven’t been 18 for that long and therefore experiencing tings such as drinking or clubbing haven’t really happened yet. So during freshers I wanted to get to know my flatmates, as I am going to be living with them for the next year after all, and I wanted to settle in. It is literally like you are on one of those survival television shows, you have been left in the middle of no where and you have to survive…good luck!

Now don’t get me wrong I love it here, the town, the scenery, the accommodation, the uni, everything, but that doesn’t mean I’m immediately comfortable here. Never mind trusting a bunch of strangers to look after me while I try to “dance” in a club for the first time! Naturally I don’t drink too and so going to social events through freshers was difficult, because as you can probably guess a lot of the events involved big parties and a lot of alcohol.

During freshers I also met my philosophy and religion class for the first time…yeah…that was…ummm…yeah. I know stereotyping is bad, and I know we shouldn’t do it as you’re meant to get to know people, but admit it we all stereotype to see who we would be friends with and who we wouldn’t. I looked at my class and errr….yeah, nope no of them looked like the type of people I would hang out with simply from appearance. It turns out that a lot of the class wasn’t even there so I wasn’t too worried, but it still meant I had to be sociable for now. I made one friend that day an I see that as an achievement for super shy Alice hahaha XD  They also had a series of events on during the week, and I thought it be wise to go to them (lam as they sound) to make some friends and to get to know my lecturers etc. So I went along to the first one, which was a quiz night and it was so disastrous it was unreal. Firstly, next to no one turned up, then we had to switch rooms, then we all awkwardly waited for the quiz to start, and when it did it wasn’t even any good. It was overall such a boring, awkward waste of time and all I was thinking was “I could be eating food and watching Naruto right now” -.-

Freshers week went very slowly, which I guess could be considered a good thing as you get a longer break haha. Then there was the society fair, cant forget that! It was packed! You could not move to save your life and you had to line up before you even got in there were that many people! It was an experience and I’d like to say I joined some things that i’s really enjoy, but in reality I signed up for the religion and the philosophy society out of moral obligation towards my subject. Yeah I don’t want to go to that haha XD I wanted to find one club, that was it, I wanted to find the mountain walking society because I want to explore the scenery here as it is so beautiful, but could I find their stool? NO! 😦 It was so packed and everyone was shouting “join this, join that” and throwing paper in my face that the experience was awfully uncomfortable and not very successful 😦 bad times 😦

Although my experience of freshers may not have been the conventional one, I still enjoyed myself relaxing in my room, getting to know the area and spending time with my new friends. All the stress that was felt while waiting for results and waiting for university was definitely felt through freshers. I was outstandingly tired and that’s probably a huge reason as to why I didn’t go out much, also my shyness but you know we’ll ignore that haha :-p

Right now I have started my lectures and have now started the university experience. It is enjoyable I must admit, learning more about the subject you love as well as doing whatever and whenever you want, its a great sense of freedom. I still love it here and I love my flatmates the most :-* my advice for anyone who will or is currently experiencing freshers is to do whatever makes you happy. Don’t feel like you have to do anything that everyone else is doing because you have just been left in a new place and you will do everything you want to do at your own pace. Watching Naruto through freshers for me was the best thing to do. It allowed me to feel comfortable here and it gave me time to relieve some of the stress I had been feeling, and I do not regret nit taking part in any of the events at all, because you can go clubbing and you can go drinking with your friends at any time you want! Just be yourself and be happy 🙂  I hope my time here gets better and better as the days go on and I’ll speak to you all again soon 🙂

Alice x