The Uni Life: Part 1

So I have been at university for 2 weeks now, and I bet you are all so excited to hear about the shenanigans that went on during freshers week…yeah ok my freshers wasn’t like everyone else’s, did I go out ever? No, did I spend most of the time watching Naruto? Yes, but I have reasons for my actions.

As some of you know I haven’t been 18 for that long and therefore experiencing tings such as drinking or clubbing haven’t really happened yet. So during freshers I wanted to get to know my flatmates, as I am going to be living with them for the next year after all, and I wanted to settle in. It is literally like you are on one of those survival television shows, you have been left in the middle of no where and you have to survive…good luck!

Now don’t get me wrong I love it here, the town, the scenery, the accommodation, the uni, everything, but that doesn’t mean I’m immediately comfortable here. Never mind trusting a bunch of strangers to look after me while I try to “dance” in a club for the first time! Naturally I don’t drink too and so going to social events through freshers was difficult, because as you can probably guess a lot of the events involved big parties and a lot of alcohol.

During freshers I also met my philosophy and religion class for the first time…yeah…that was…ummm…yeah. I know stereotyping is bad, and I know we shouldn’t do it as you’re meant to get to know people, but admit it we all stereotype to see who we would be friends with and who we wouldn’t. I looked at my class and errr….yeah, nope no of them looked like the type of people I would hang out with simply from appearance. It turns out that a lot of the class wasn’t even there so I wasn’t too worried, but it still meant I had to be sociable for now. I made one friend that day an I see that as an achievement for super shy Alice hahaha XD  They also had a series of events on during the week, and I thought it be wise to go to them (lam as they sound) to make some friends and to get to know my lecturers etc. So I went along to the first one, which was a quiz night and it was so disastrous it was unreal. Firstly, next to no one turned up, then we had to switch rooms, then we all awkwardly waited for the quiz to start, and when it did it wasn’t even any good. It was overall such a boring, awkward waste of time and all I was thinking was “I could be eating food and watching Naruto right now” -.-

Freshers week went very slowly, which I guess could be considered a good thing as you get a longer break haha. Then there was the society fair, cant forget that! It was packed! You could not move to save your life and you had to line up before you even got in there were that many people! It was an experience and I’d like to say I joined some things that i’s really enjoy, but in reality I signed up for the religion and the philosophy society out of moral obligation towards my subject. Yeah I don’t want to go to that haha XD I wanted to find one club, that was it, I wanted to find the mountain walking society because I want to explore the scenery here as it is so beautiful, but could I find their stool? NO! 😦 It was so packed and everyone was shouting “join this, join that” and throwing paper in my face that the experience was awfully uncomfortable and not very successful 😦 bad times 😦

Although my experience of freshers may not have been the conventional one, I still enjoyed myself relaxing in my room, getting to know the area and spending time with my new friends. All the stress that was felt while waiting for results and waiting for university was definitely felt through freshers. I was outstandingly tired and that’s probably a huge reason as to why I didn’t go out much, also my shyness but you know we’ll ignore that haha :-p

Right now I have started my lectures and have now started the university experience. It is enjoyable I must admit, learning more about the subject you love as well as doing whatever and whenever you want, its a great sense of freedom. I still love it here and I love my flatmates the most :-* my advice for anyone who will or is currently experiencing freshers is to do whatever makes you happy. Don’t feel like you have to do anything that everyone else is doing because you have just been left in a new place and you will do everything you want to do at your own pace. Watching Naruto through freshers for me was the best thing to do. It allowed me to feel comfortable here and it gave me time to relieve some of the stress I had been feeling, and I do not regret nit taking part in any of the events at all, because you can go clubbing and you can go drinking with your friends at any time you want! Just be yourself and be happy 🙂  I hope my time here gets better and better as the days go on and I’ll speak to you all again soon 🙂

Alice x



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