I’m Sick :-(

This is Alice, coming to you live from sickness central where I cannot breathe.. BEING ILL SUCKS!

This is the first post going into my “Rant” category and rightfully so! Seriously? What is this body?! So to stop my cold from getting worse, you decided to block my airways so I can’t breathe?! What’s up with that?!

Don’t you guys just love it as well, when you try your hardest to be really hygienic and polite and your flatmates couldn’t give two craps?! So here in Britain, it is definitely getting colder and two of my flatmates got colds a little bit ago. Now that was expected, I don’t mind at all, in fact I felt sorry for them, but when you go into the kitchen and they aren’t covering their mouths when they cough… THAT PISSES ME OFF! Think about the other people in the flat please while you’re projecting your germs into the communal area that everyone has to be in!

Oh, and by the way sneezing sucks! What even is sneezing?! And when you can’t control it and then it just continues to happen until you have a sneezing fit for the entire day! What?! It sucks even more because it blocks your airways so you cant breathe and you start producing mucus at an alarming rate. Then you have a choice, are you going to blow your nose and cause your nose to go all red and dry, which doesn’t solve anything because more mucus will be there in five minutes just causing you to use more tissues, OR are you going to try and swallow it filling your lungs with disgusting snot and making your throat so sore that it feels like its on fire? Mmmmmmm so many great options I just don’t know which one to choose!

Do you know what’s worse? When you have to go to a lecture and you are ill. When you’re not ill and everyone else is, you cant here the lecturer over all the sniffs, coughs and sneezes, but when you’re ill and you’re in a lecture, YOU CAN’T EVEN HEAR YOUR OWN THOUGHTS! You’re too busy trying to control the runny nose that you have and trying to be as silent while blowing your nose in front of everyone, immediately letting everyone know that you’re the disgusting germ that people should stay away from -.-

And the weather here doesn’t help. It’s raining more and more these days and in Britain when it rains in the winter, it is serious freaking rain! It is literally tipping it down and you are guaranteed to be soaking wet anytime you go outside. So when you go to your local super market to get the crappy medicine THAT DOESNT DO ANYTHING you get completely soaked at the same time which isn’t going to help.

Speaking of medicine, IT SERIOUSLY DOESNT WORK! So you spend a stupid amount of money on something that first of all tastes like death, and secondly doesn’t help you at all! Medicine is basically a huge lie! Its probably just a bunch of chemicals that some guy in a lab put together randomly, stuck a label on it and called it lemsip! ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR -.-

So that’s my life at the moment, if you’re having a similar problem and you want to rant about it too leave a comment down below. We can all rant about how our first world problem colds suck together! I’m going to go now and drink some death, and pick up the tissues that have missed the bin cause I’m too lazy to leave my bed each time to go to put them in the bin properly and I have crappy aim apparently -.-

Alice x


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