Level Up

So I’ve recently been promoted from best friend to girlfriend! level-up

Yes I am very excited and happy to be in this relationship, I’ve mentioned my best friend a few times on this blog simply because he means so much to me and he impacts my life in such a positive way that I feel like people should know about it. I’m proud to be both his best friend and girlfriend :-3

Now with all that mushy stuff out of the way, I waned to create a sort of ‘top 5’ post about knowing when its serious. We’ve been friends for nearly a year now and in order to either scare him away or get him ready for the road ahead, I thought I’d let him know via blog as to what makes a relationship serious for me 😛


Number 1: I’m actually in a relationship with you

Yes I am one of those people, I wont bother getting myself into a relationship unless I can see a future with that person. Its sensible really, I mean it saves future heart break, wasting time etc etc and I feel that although it might be seen as getting too serious too soon, it at least shows that I care about that person and that I’m trying to save them time and heart break too. Previous reason for not being able to see a future include: school and parents and that’s about it. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not blaming these two things for stopping me from getting into a relationship, I’m just saying that basically for my entirely life so far, these two things have been the only things that matter. With that in mind either one would stop a relationship from being successful and that’s not their fault, its my opinion. Now that I’m in university however, although we are miles apart from each other, it is easier to have a relationship for some reason. Parental constraint isn’t really there and both of our parents thought we were dating way before now anyway! We make it work because…you know…we love each other ERRRRRRR getting too mushy quick lets move on!

Number 2: I worry about you too much

In life, I feel that it is my duty to help other people because they don’t like being sad and they want to be happy so I’ll help them get there. However, when I worry over the smallest thing that you do then you know it serious! If I’m thinking about you 24/7 and literally feeling sick with worry over the fact that you have a cold, you know that that is being stupidly worried for no reason XD I don’t know what it is, I guess that when I’m dating someone and they mean so much to me I just want them to be ok all the time. I guess I never want anything wrong, and then when the slightest thing is wrong and I cant do anything about it, then that’s it I’m going to be feeling so worried for the rest of the day. You should have seen me when he got a cold and I was skyping him! I was literally just sat there so worried and sad that I wasn’t there to help…and then a few days later I got Bell’s Palsy but ya know we don’t need to worry about that!

Number 3: I see us both on a Disney holiday

I have imagined this so many times already and it is beyond the most perfect thing ever! …hopefully he wont think I’m weird…. Ok so basically I’ve grown up in a Disney household where we see the best holiday as spending 3 weeks in Florida at Disney World. I first went there when I was around 5 years old and while growing older I’ve imagined it being more fun with a friend BUT not just any type of friend! See when you grow up in a Disney household you learn to appreciate Disney for more then just a theme park. You love the atmosphere, the music, the weather , the scenery, the history, the facts, the food, the fireworks, the costumes, the characters, the rides, the transport, the hotel I’M TALKING EVERYTHING! Every aspect of Disney becomes special to you, and you want someone else who will be able to appreciate Disney for what it is too, because you don’t want to b going with someone who just wants to go on the rides to then say that they are bored after 2 days. YOU SHOULD NEVER BE BORED ON A DISNEY HOLIDAY! ….I don’t feel strongly about this at all…. and I’ve spoken about this thousands of times with my boyfriend and I think he is the one to take! He knows nothing about the Disney parks, he’s never been and he says that the best way to know how to have a good time would be with an expert which ha ya know I’m not but I know a lot more than the average person so that is the goal to go to Disney with him one day 🙂

Number 4: I text you…all the time

Seriously I never stop talking to him, ever! From when I wake up to when I inevitably fall asleep on him, I am texting him 24/7. I have no idea how we come up with topic of conversation but we do and you might be thinking ‘ppfftt this has only been happening since you’ve been dating which has been like a week now it’ll pass’ YOU my friend are so wrong! We’ve been doing this ever since we have met and it continues in real life too! I don’t know how we do it! constantly we are talking about something or other whether it be our work, or what it would feel like to be a bird, we are talking about something! I think we find so much to talk about because we are completely comfortable with being ourselves around each other and s if we have a weird thought or idea we’ll share it with them, and instead of saying ‘oh my god you are so weird’ we actually bother to reply to them seriously. Like take for example the wanting to be a bird conversation (yes that wasn’t just a random example it was a real conversation we had) I cant remember how the conversation fully went but to this day we quote the fact that we would paint our bird houses with the paint brush in our beaks and all materials borrowed from a local human! What the hell where we talking about?! And I know that this conversation lasted for a while too! See! this is what happens! But I love it and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

And Finally Number 5: I tell you I love you

I don’t fling the word about like some people do. I am very serious about the word love because it holds a lot meaning and significance to not only me, but to the person I’m saying it to. I have used the word love twice, with my first love and with my current boyfriend. I tell him that I love him because it is the truth. Everything that is written on this list happens with him, and everything about him is just amazing. It’s really hard to explain what love is because it is different for everyone, but for me its when I’m completely happy and that I couldn’t be happier with anyone else. He makes me feel loved and special and unique and awesome and I am grateful for that. He makes my life so much better and I just think he is the best. He is beautiful and has the best personality in the world and going from this list, you can probably tell that I’m not planning on letting him go. I want to be with him, I love him ❤

And that’s it! Those are my top 5 signs of knowing when I am serious about a relationship 🙂 I really hope I haven’t scared him off as I know he’ll read this hahaha XD Thank you for reading and thank you for being apart of my life sweetie, you mean the world to me :-* If you have any questions or if you to have any experience to share about love or your boyfriend/girlfriend feel free to leave a comment down below an I’ll reply asap 🙂 I’ll be doing another post soon, sorry I keep saying that I keep forgetting how much work university is! I plan on doing a university part 2 post as an update for you all and another post about the current songs that I’m enjoying. Also nearer to Christmas I plan on doing another wish list, like I did for my birthday which should get us all into the Christmas spirit 🙂 lllooovvveee Christmas! Until next time 🙂

Alice x