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So for my birthday ages ago I got an ITunes voucher and downloaded a whole bunch of new songs onto my IPod, and some of them are just amazing! They have become my recent favourite songs to listen to and I feel like I should share them here 🙂 So here is my list of my current favourite songs 🙂

1. What are you waiting for? by Nickelback – I am a secret Nickelback fan ssshhhhhhh don’t tell anyone! I love this song, its super catchy and really empowering. You listen to it and you just feel awesome like you can do anything, and you really do question “what are you waiting for?” So its a nice reminder that if I’m scared or nervous about something I should just stop and go for it!

2. Superheroes by The Script – I like this song because its similar to hall of fame. I loved that song and if you listen to the lyrics of this song, its the same concept about working hard and making yourself into someone special. Its a catchy song, fun to sing and dance to and its just a nice song to listen to 🙂

3. Centuries by Fall Out Boy – I LOVE FALL OUT BOY!…yeah hahah XD When buying songs with my voucher there wasn’t many songs I could think of that I actually wanted. There wasn’t much happening in the charts and I hadn’t found any new songs that I liked :-/ but then I listened to the American top 100 songs on YouTube and I found this! My life changed! I didn’t know Fall Out Boy had a new song out?! It is sooooooo good! It makes you feel so epic and cool and to sing it is so much fun! You can rock out to this song at anytime! So good!

4. Somewhere in My Car by Keith Urban – This is a country rock song, a genre that I absolutely love so much and this song oh my god is just perfect! I love the lyrics, I love his voice, I love the beat, everything about it is so good! By far my favourite country rock song, and this is the song that I recommend to people to get them into the genre, so if you are interested or you want to discover some new songs go and check this out!

5. Boom Clap by Charli XCX – This song was on the fault in our stars soundtrack and that move was great by the way, but this song I really like because it is fun and happy and it just reminds me of being care free 🙂 and as a little secret between you and me, this is the song I imagined myself singing to my boyfriend down the street of his uni town, just because it signifies young love, having fun, no worries and that’s exactly how I feel with him 🙂

6. Chandelier by Sia – Have you heard this girl sing? It is incredible! So much power and such an amazing range! I would love to sing this song properly one day, its just brilliant! Very inspirational and a great beat to listen to

7. Rude by MAGIC! – Now when I first heard this song on the radio, to me he sounded like Michael Buble so in my house hold this song is known as the reggae Michael Buble song hahaha XD yes I realise a lot of you will probably disagree but pppfffttt whatever hahah :-p anyways this song, its cool because it does incorporate the elements of reggae and chart music together and it works! Catchy song and super fun to sing along with reggae Michael Buble hahaha :-p

8. Warriors by Imagine Dragons – If  you haven’t heard this song, go and listen to it now, don’t even bother reading the rest of this list, you desperately need this song in your life! Its awesome! Its so epic and it makes you feel like an absolute legend and hero, even when you are doing your food shopping! I actually found out about this song through my boyfriend and I know he’ll be reading this, so thank you haha this song has seriously improved my life haha 🙂

9. Come & Get It by Selena Gomez – Everyone loves an old Disney channel star really, and Selena Gomez is one of my favourite for music (just behind Miley Cyrus obviously …please don’t judge me hahaha XD). This song is one of my favourites from her, just really catchy, I love the mix of electric pop and Indian music, it just really works! She great person to listen to if you want a fun song to dance to 🙂

10. Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men – This song is beautiful, I mean its Of Monsters and Men so the lyrics have a story to it but they also make absolutely no sense hahaha XD I love the guitar in this and its actually one the songs that my boyfriend can play and I can sing haha there are not many we both know together but when we do its awesome 🙂 If you don’t know Of Monsters and Men, go check them out they are really different but strangely relaxing, and if you do decided to check them out, listen to Little Talks as well, that is another one of favourites 🙂 Dirty Paws: Little Talks:


That’s the list complete, if you liked the songs mentioned or artists and you decided to check them out, I’d  love to hear your thoughts on them so leave a comment down below telling me what you think 🙂 Next post coming up should be the uni life part 2 and then on the run up to Christmas I plan on doing a 12 days of Christmas special where I should be posting everyday on a different Christmas topics to get everyone in the mood 🙂

Alice x


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