12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Wish List

YEAH IT BEGINS TODAY! You guys have no idea, I’ve been so excited to start writing these blog posts and now its finally here! So over the next 12 days finishing up on Christmas day, I will be posting a new Christmas themed post everyday 🙂 Hopefully this will get you all in the Christmas spirit, maybe you’ll be inspired by some posts and overall it should just be a lot of fun 🙂 Let’s begin then, first post is on my Christmas wish list. Now I did one of these, and if you didn’t read that one you can find it here -> https://doolanducky.wordpress.com/2014/08/17/birthday-wish-list/

The basic idea is that I create a list of all the things I would possibly like for Christmas. Like before, I don’t expect to receive anything that I post on here. I am grateful for everything I receive in my life and most of all I am grateful for my family and friends which is all I really want 🙂 Ok lets get started:

1. Keyboard


Yep I would like a keyboard still, I will make it my goal to get one some day! I like learning how to play different songs, its a great way to relax, you learn something new, and its awesome! You can play your favourite songs, I mean who doesn’t want to do that?

2. Clothes and Jewellery


If anyone is ever stuck for getting me something for Christmas, I always tell them clothes or jewellery because its nice just a nice treat to get new clothes and jewellery in my opinion. In my spare time I think to make up cool outfits that would be cool to own just cause I don’t know I enjoy it haha but yeah the dragon ear cuff picture, I actually have this already. I got it last Christmas and it was one of my favourite gifts and is one of my favourite jewellery pieces. Its so unique and awesome I just love things like that! Like rings, ear cuffs, arm bands, bracelets, anklets etc just really unique piece, I love them 🙂

3. Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire, Super Smash bros, Animal Crossing New Leaf and Kid Icarus: Uprising


These games are ones that I am dying to play! Pokémon should be a good game, I mean its Pokémon of course its going to be a good game haha :-p Smash bros! I love this game and when they said it was coming out on 3ds I was so excited! I was just like yyyyyyeeeeeessssss!!! Looking at smash bros, I remembered how much I loved animal crossing and how it would be good to get back into that again with the new game 🙂 and finally I learnt about Kid Icarus through smash brothers and it looks like a fun game with great characters so I really want to try it out 🙂

4. Safe Haven DVD, Dear John DVD, A Walk to Remember DVD and The Best of Me Book


You might see this as a random mix but let me explain. I love Nicholas Spark novels, yes I’m a typical girl but whatever haha anyways, the first book I read by him was The Lucky One and it was amazing! It was the first book where I read the book before I watched the film. Everyone my entire life has been telling me “oh the books are always better than the film” and I don’t have time to read books! I always found books so boring and long and it was just simpler to watch the film haha but this book changed my whole view. So now I’m trying to get the matching books and films by Nicholas Sparks. I’ve read and own Safe Heaven and Dear John, I’ve just started reading A Walk to Remember which I got for my birthday, and I’ve read The Best of Me but it was from the library and I want to own a copy for myself. I also know that the film will come out on DVD soon for The Best of Me which will be really great to own too one day 🙂 Then I can add them to my little collection I have 🙂 I currently have The Lucky One book and DVD, A Bend in the Road book and the Longest Ride book, along with the ones I’ve just mentioned 🙂

5. Fun things!


I always put this on my list, but this does not mean I want toys hahah XD ok well in a way it does, but basically as you get older everyone starts to see less of a value in birthdays and Christmas because it becomes predictable and grown up and just nothing is fun about it anymore. However, I love Christmas and I’m not going to let the magic of Christmas slip away just because I’m 18! I gave my parents 4 words for what I wanted for Christmas and those were: cool, cute, unique and fun. If you have those 4 words on mind, Christmas is bound to be more exciting than simply asking for things and then receiving them. That’s so lame! I never actually ask for anything for Christmas because I know that whatever my family think of, it’ll be something that I wouldn’t of thought of which makes it exciting! I love Christmas because of the surprises and getting something fun that you don’t expect just makes it that little bit better 🙂


And that is it my list is complete! Like I said before I don’t expect any of these things for Christmas, I am happy to receive anything, but most importantly I just want to be with my family. Being at university I haven’t seen them in months and I really miss them. I am so looking forward to Christmas this year! It should be amazing! 4 more days and I am back home! Can not wait 🙂 I hope you guys are all ok and maybe this list gave you some inspiration for Christmas present ideas this year 🙂 Let me know in the comments below what you’d like for Christmas this year and I’ll speak to you tomorrow with the 2nd Christmas post 🙂


Alice x


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