12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Present ideas

We all have those people in our lives who we have to give a Christmas present to, yet we don’t have a clue what to get them. Well don’t fret, I’ve got some simply but awesome Christmas gift ideas for you! I want to go through the people that aren’t often talked about on these lists. Everybody looks at gift for guys or for girls, being really general, but I want to be more specific and what I hope is that you’ll read this list and think “YES I need something for them and I have no idea thank you!” So here we go 🙂


Now Everyone says girls are hard to buy for, especially girlfriends, but I argue that boyfriends are just as difficult! Guys never know what they want, and if they do they aren’t going to tell you. The you have those guys who just want a game or a film and there’s nothing romantic about it at all. Time to change things, personally I think your boyfriends present should be fun and something that the didn’t think about, as to surprise them, make them happy and feel special for the consideration that’s gone into the gift. With this in mind, my suggestion for a boyfriend would be dancing water speakers! If you’ve never heard of them, when the music is played into these speakers the water inside them dances to the music and are lit up my different coloured lights. They look amazing in the dark, although sometimes pricey, they are worth it for the unique piece that they will now own. They are fun, something that they wouldn’t have thought about and unique, something that you thought of for them, they’ll thank you for being the popular guy at the party because of the cool speakers he has :-p p.s. I know you are reading this sweetie, don’t get any ideas :-p


Nan and Grandad:

Nan and Grandad are the people who constantly give you the treats, but when its your turn to return the favour you can’t think of anything they would like! I love my grandparents so much, which means I have to get them something awesome! You should consider what your grandparents talk about and their hobbies. I know that my nan likes to cook and my grandad likes being in the garden. So my ideas for grandparents are a cute apron for nan and a pair of binoculars for grandad. If all else fails, everyone loves food and a gift between them of their favourite chocolates, wine etc in a cute little hamper should do the trick 🙂


That one friend:

Now being at university only a short period of time I have made myself some lovely friends, however I ad no idea which ones to get presents for and who to leave out. I don’t know them well enough to know what they have and what they haven’t, what they like and what they don’t, so it was really difficult! Applying this to your lives you can probably think of a friend who is either difficult to buy for or you’ve only recently become friends and you don’t know what to do. Well for both situations I’ve got a simply gift for you. Ever heard of the game cards against humanity? Well its a very adult game, but very funny to play. Its good for that friends because its something fun for you two to do together and it gets you to learn a little about the other person, in a way you probably never expected, but trust me its a great game, super fun, definitely for I’d say late teens and above and something different. CAUSTION: If your friend is easily butt hurt then maybe this gift isn’t the best idea haha its darker humour but its something that can be enjoyed by everyone if you just lighten up hahha 🙂 Also there is something called a ‘Wreck this journal’ which is a book that has different random activities to do on each page, but the idea is to eventually wreck the book. Real nice gift, fun and simple 🙂  But again as we all know if all else fails, chocolates and a gift card for amazon or iTunes is always a good idea hahaha :-p


and that’s all I got hahahaha XD hopefully you know the people well enough in your life to not have to go to the internet for inspiration hahaa XD However, I do think these people in particular are difficult to buy for so I’ve given you some ideas to help you out, even if it was just a little bit hahaha :-p Sorry this one is up quite late hahaha but got there in the end haha 🙂 being seeing you tomorrow with another post 🙂

Alice x


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