12 Days of Christmas: Favourite Christmas Treats

Everyone knows that Christmas is a great time for food. We all have our favourite Christmas dishes and its most likely that our nan or mum is the one making the most amazing food at this time of year. I have my own favourite Christmas treats that I thought I’d share with you 🙂

Ginger biscuit are so special because the ones that I buy in particular are only around at Christmas time. I’ve had them ever since I can remember and they are so delicious 🙂 So they are a soft ginger like biscuit with a thin layer of chocolate on the bottom, then covered in sweet icing and finished with sprinkles. They are amazing and I suggest that everyone tries them! They aren’t a super strong ginger taste for anyone who doesn’t like ginger, and they are just a nice festive treat 🙂 I get them from lidl by the way haha XD

Now many people drink J2o’s all the time, but its only at Christmas time that my parents buy them. So for me J2o’s are a Christmas festive treat 🙂 Obviously J2o have many different flavours and everyone has their favourite, but at Christmas time you have to get the glitter berry J2o! They have the sweet taste of berries with the touch of glitter added to them which make them look magical 🙂

Another drink I enjoy is something called an ice cream float. Now I don’t know how many of you do this but this is basically where you pick your favourite fizzy drink and add your favourite flavour of ice cream. Currently in my household we have coke or lemonade with mint choc chip ice cream. Its super tasty and sweet and cold and thick and mmmmmmmmm yummy! 🙂 If you’ve never done this before I suggest lemonade and vanilla ice cream to start you off with, then you can experiment with your own flavours 🙂

Twiglets are a crisp like treat that have a marmite flavour to them. These are great, but not for everyone I guess because of the marmite flavour to them :-/ But if you’re a fan of the marmite then these are great! you can have them in a little dish on the coffee table and you’ll slowly see them disappear as people in the house start taking them to nibble on through the day hahaha

Finally, cinnamon on toast is my favourite Christmas day starter to have before my Christmas meal. When I was younger I was such a picky child! So when all the adults were having a real starter, my mum would make me cinnamon on toast which is a mix of brown sugar and cinnamon put on butter toast. Really lovely and a great little treat to have around Christmas time as a snack, lunch or starter to your Christmas meal hahaha

So there you have it, these are some of my favourite Christmas treats to have in the festive season 🙂 If you try any of these out or if you have your own favourite Christmas treats, let me know what they are down below 🙂

Alice x


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