12 Days of Christmas: Secret Santa Rant

It’s the Christmas edition of the rant section and today I am talking about secret Santa. Now don’t get me wrong, the concept behind secret Santa is a perfectly good one but everyone knows that it never goes that smoothly.

First of all, the people that you do secret Santa…you don’t even know them! Lets take real life examples here, most of you must have done this at work or something like that and you get that one guy, lets call him Steve, you get Steve and you have no idea who Steve is! And quite frankly you don’t want to get to know Steve!

So now you have to think of something to get Steve, you want it to be nice and get him something that he might like but the fact that you know nothing about Steve makes it pretty difficult. So you think you’ll get him something generic like a gift card right? So great that’s that sorted…oh so you thought

See with secret Santa some people think that they will get you a joke gift instead, which you don’t want and you don’t see the comedy value in! Especially as you have bothered to make at least a little bit of effort to get Steve, the person you do not know, something that maybe he’ll like and you get this rubbish!

Then you have to act grateful! Like you enjoyed the joke! Like you think the gift is great! When you don’t! And its all to keep the harmony within the place of work! There should be a rule that states that you must at least attempt to get the person something that thy will like. I mean come on, secret Santa can be stressful because you are trying to please the person you have, even if you don’t know Steve, and it just simply isn’t fair.

Not to be a Christmas grump, but secret Santa can be a great idea. It can cut down on costs which is obviously good around the Christmas period, but its also very difficult to get right and it can be an annoying when your are actually trying and others aren’t.

Huh never mind hey, we’ll all keep doing secret Santa anyways whether we enjoy the processes or not. If you have any secret Santa stories you want to share, leave them in the comments below and we can all rant about it together hahaha will be posting again tomorrow 🙂

Alice x


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