12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Memories and Traditions

I’ve had many great Christmas experiences in the past which I thought that I would share with you guys along with some Christmas traditions we have in my house hold 🙂

I remember back in 2012 when my sister and I had a very Disney themed Christmas, more Disney themed than usual and when we received the final gift it was simply an envelop. So we opened the envelop and it was some sort of document, after a moment of investigation we found out that it was plane tickets to Florida and park tickets to Disney world. We were going back to Disney world for the 4th time and it was super exciting! We were so happy and pumped and immediately started planning everything! That’s a cute little special memory I remember hahaha

Also, I remember one Christmas day when I was younger and I remembered getting like 4 animal hospital sets in one Christmas which was so awesome. Not only from a young age did I understand the significance of money and how much it would have cost to buy these toys, but I was also extremely grateful to receive them from my family 🙂

ummmmmmmm by the way I’m just basically typing whatever memory I can think of as I go, so this is all spontaneous hahha XD In my house hold we often spend Christmas with my grandparents and sometimes with my aunt, uncle and cousins. It such a nice feeling to be together with family with great food and lovely gifts and just having so much fun 🙂 In my aunts house, they all open their gifts individually so the all just open their own gifts on their own and then carry on with their day kinda thing. However, in my house we open presents one at a time and we watch the person open the present so we can see their reaction and know what they got and from who so its very different. Therefore when we are over my nan and grandads, we make sure that we use our tradition simply because I want to see what my family gets and I want them to see my reactions and I don’t know it makes Christmas last longer which obviously I like a lot hahaha

In my house we have something called “our Christmas day” too. Basically my dad used to work a lot during this period and then at Christmas you had to be with family and do certain things and there was just no time to relax . So we invented this day as a time for us as a family to do whatever we wanted to do 🙂 Its a great thing because its just the four of use spending time together and that’s a really nice, special and relaxing time 🙂

I’ve received lots of amazing Christmas presents over the years such as: Sylvania families, playmobil, a pillow that can play music that was pretty awesome, ummmmm my 2ds, iPod touch, art supplies, you know just a lot of lovely things that I am so grateful for and over the years I hope that I have been able to please the people I buy presents for, because its not all about the receiving. I really love giving, because I want to make other people happy and I want to give them something special or fun, you know something they are really going to love 🙂 I’m looking forward to this Christmas and I hope they are too 🙂 Now I really gotta dash because I’m seeing family tonight to create some more Christmas memories 🙂

Alice x


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