12 Days of Christmas: Our Christmas Day

So in my blog post about Christmas memories and traditions I mentioned something called “our Christmas day”. Now if you didn’t read it you can read it here if you like, I’ll put the link right here -> https://doolanducky.wordpress.com/2014/12/20/12-days-of-christmas-christmas-memories-and-traditions/

The basic idea is that, we created a day to just chill out as a family and do Christmas activities together 🙂 and today is our Christmas day! So I thought I’d share with you some of the events of today 🙂

The day started out with all of us getting breakfast, ummmmmm we had heated pain au chocolat which was amazing and then we went on to exchanged gifts. Yes we do presents on this day but only one! Actually we do secret Santa hahaha which I know I ranted about before, but within family you have a lot more security than you do with work for example. So this year I had my sister and I got her a mickey mouse shirt which she liked but there is more to it. I made her go through layers of wrapping with some that had forfeits and others had sweets, a kind of pass the parcel concept hahahaha it was great to watch and Amy joined in well hahaha XD And I got a present from my sister which was a Disney villains top 🙂 its super awesome and everyone enjoys the exchanging of gifts 🙂

Then we went straight to watching the Nativity, Elf and Narnia (because Narnia was on TV hahaha XD) We’ve also had some great food today! My mum made a honey roasted ham, with lots of other nibbles like cheeses, olives, etc etc hhaha XD It’s been a very relaxing day, I’ve just been chilling in my cookie monster onesie all day and everyone has just been lounging around having a good time really 🙂

I think later on we are going to play monopoly, but the version that my sister made, there is a version of monopoly called “make your own opoly” and Amy made a Disney resort version so we are going to play that. Ummmmmm we are going to have tea which will be more party food I guess and then we’ll probably watch Mickey Magical Christmas to finish the day hahaha 🙂

This day gets me really excited for Christmas and you have no idea I just want Christmas to be now! So we are all in the Christmas spirit here in the Doolan household which makes me super happy and relaxed 🙂 I hope you are all feeling the Christmas spirit by now and I hope you are all having a fabulous day 🙂 I’ll see you around, it’s time to play monopoly hahaha 🙂

Alice x


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