12 Days of Christmas: Christmas films

Another list and this time its of Christmas films, now there are a tone of Christmas films to enjoy but I prefer the classics 🙂 They create that loving relaxing family atmosphere in warm house when its so cold outside. They make me feel all festive and ready for the season so if you haven’t watched these great films before, I recommend that you give them a go 🙂

1. Miracle on 34th street – Such a classic film and a different story to what is typically seen. Yes although set in the prime location for films which is New York City, Miracle of 34th street proves to us that no matter what you want for Christmas, if you believe in Santa and if you’ve been good you will get what you asked for no matter how unbelievable the request may be.

2. Elf – A Christmas comedy, Elf is about Buddy who is a human raised in the north pole and eventually he goes to find his father and family in, you’ve guessed it, New York City. Buddy has to adapt to a different world than he’s used too, but this film brings together family and shows that no matter the distance you will find  your home and loved ones.

3. The Nativity – another comedy film about the children’s production of the nativity play, except this time Hollywood are involved. This film is a hilarious watch that’ll leave you in tears from the outrageous antics that this primary school class get up to as they prepare for this school play. The moral is never give up on your dreams, believe in yourself like others do, and share the love for Christmas.

4. Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House if Mouse – This film will bring you back to the classic Disney channel show House of Mouse where Mickey and his friends attempt to create a Christmas spirit within everyone, even Donald. This will hit you right in the childhood with the characters you love all coming together for Christmas time. Christmas spirit is within everyone and that’s what this film demonstrates.

These are my absolute favourites, again I could go on for ages about Christmas films so I tired to make this list a little shorter hahaha Let me know what your favourite Christmas film is down below and I’ll see you tomorrow on CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! …I’m not excited hahaha bye guys 🙂

Alice x


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