12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Eve

So today is again just another little chat between me and you guys, hey how’s it going? you all good? I’m obviously excited and keeping myself occupied by writing this blog until tomorrow, the big day….IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

Christmas eve is always that sort of day where it just seems like it’ll never end! You are so close now that you just want it to go by in a blink.

Today I spent my time with my mother mainly, ummmmm we went to our local shops just to pick up some present tags and then we spent time together wrapping presents and writing cards, we then ate ummmmm then my dad and sister came home and my mum and I went on a travel around town delivering the presents and cards 🙂

We came home and Amy told us Muppets Christmas Carol was on TV which is a great Christmas film that my dad in particular loves 🙂 So we sat and watched that, then Toy Story 3 was on right after that so naturally we watched that too, and now we are just chilling as a family together and I’m writing this while listening to some music 🙂

The mission is to keep myself occupied until I go to bed so I’m not just waiting for Christmas and so I’m not wishing the day away. However I have the internet, YouTube and my beautiful boyfriend on the text to keep me company until I fall asleep  🙂

I am very excited for Christmas as you all know and I literally can not wait that’s why I’m trying to keep busy haha but its a great anticipation process, I love the wait really because it makes the day all the more better 🙂 I am very childish about Christmas but that attitude I have towards Christmas, especially as a teen, has been said to make others feel the same childish excitement about Christmas that they once had, which is just so amazing for me because I don’t think people should lose the Christmas spirit just because they are older; they should be excited about the festive season because it brings people together and errrrrr I don’t know its just a fun, happy time of year that shouldn’t be lost with age in my opinion.

Anyways I’m going to spend the evening with my family and watching YouTube until I fall asleep and wake up on Christmas morning 🙂 I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas everyone! 😀

Alice x



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