12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Haul

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I know it’s a little late but Christmas was busy and now that I have some time to chill I thought I’d write the final 12 days of Christmas blog post! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and as some of you might have guessed I’m going to finish up on a Christmas haul just to match with my wish list that I do, and so you guys can get a little insight into what I like and got and stuff hahaha 🙂 Ok lets start off with my stocking!

Christmas Stocking: Mikado, dark chocolate rings and a Yankee candle

christmas-presents (10)

So the stocking is always the first thing to be opened and in my house, my sister comes into my bedroom and we do them together before going to see mum and dad 🙂 As we’ve gotten older my sister and I have been wanting food to appear more and more hahaha so we were lucky and I got some awesome treats to have in my little food stash in my room 🙂 Also I got a Yankee candle which smells great, mine is true rose and at the moment it is making my bedroom smell very nice indeed 🙂

French Friends: Hat, Scarf, colouring book and colouring pencils

christmas-presents (1)

We have French friends that we’ve known for a while now and each year we obviously exchange presents. This year from them I received a hat and scarf set, with the hat being a beret 🙂 when we send our gifts we try and send each other cultural things, so we’ve sent British things and they send us French things, so this was very nice 🙂 and then I have a colouring book and pencils which have not only French sites to colouring in, but also it says on the front that it is a sort of stress relief which we thought was funny especially as we are students hahaha 🙂

God Parents: Ted Baker wash bag

christmas-presents (2)

My god parents are so very generous, I know Ted Baker is expensive so I’m very grateful to them. I will use this but also be very careful with it hahaha It’s a lovely gift and I love the pink colour 🙂

Aunty, Uncle and Cousins: Lip Gloss, Money, Hamper, and chocolates

christmas-presents (6)

So this section includes all aunts, uncles and cousins together. I got this lip gloss set which is very nice, and from the same aunt I got money which is always handy as you all know, then we got a couple of hampers which contain cheeses, drinks etc which the whole family share and the same with the chocolates 🙂 nice little treats there which are good because they are things that you wouldn’t typically get for yourself which is good 🙂

Nan and Grandad: Soaps, Benefit make-up, and voucher

christmas-presents (5)

My nan and grandad on my mums side got me the soap set and make-up which is great because A it means I don’t have to buy soap for a while and B I don’t have to buy make-up for a while hahaha XD This also came with a free make over by the benefit team so I’m super excited to do that at some point 🙂 Then my nan and grandad on my dads side got the whole family a voucher to spend on whatever we want which will be a nice things for us to do together 🙂

Sister: Kimono, duck purse, rubber duck, Anna doll, Sherlock all 3 seasons, hat, shirt, charcoal set, and tinker bell mirror! EVERYTHING!

christmas-presents (4) christmas-presents (8)

OH MY GOD I GET TREAED TOO MUCH! This was amazing! I love my clothing that I got, she knows exactly what I like 🙂 and Sherlock!!!! She definitely knows what I like!!! I go such a cute little winter hat too :3 then little things like the mirror and the duck purse and the rubber duck hhahaha literally everything I love here hahaha XD an new art set and art style that I’m excited to try out and the Anna doll from frozen because she said that I was her Anna :3 aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww too cute!!! She’s amazing and I’m so grateful!

Mum and Dad: chocolate, writing set, scarf, make-up brush, Disney pin, piano CD, Super Smash Bros and a Keyboard!

christmas-presents (3) christmas-presents (7) christmas-presents (9)

Wow! I mean wow! First of all chocolate, you basically cant go wrong hahaha XD my scarf if perfect for the season especially with the tartan style which I love 🙂 Then this posh writing set that I’d love to try out to feel really historical hahaha XD its just so much awesome stuff! I got this make-up brush, and Disney Pin and THE THINGS I WANTED! I got super smash which I’ve been playing no stop and finally a keyboard! With a piano CD so I can learn how to play it properly! It’s amazing and I love them all so much!

So that is my Christmas haul! These are all the things I got for Christmas and I love it all and I’m so grateful! ….Oh what my boyfriend? Did he get me anything? I’m leaving that for another blog post sometime soon and you’ll see why 😉 I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and that you got everything you anted and more, I’ll see you soon with another post, but until then Merry Christmas guys!

Alice x


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