The Best Week Ever <3

Hey guys, thought I’d give you a little university update since I haven’t done one in a while 🙂 I haven’t even done a post in a while…sorry about that just nothing seems to be inspiring enough :-/ However, this is on my mind and I feel like it should be documented to look back on in the future 🙂

So after Christmas, I got back into the swing of university having to revise for and take an exam…yay…but to be fair I only had one which I did alright on so I was very happy to have accomplished the first semester quite successful academically 🙂

Now the new term has started I am studying eastern religions and philosophy, Nietzsche’s philosophy on the death of God and Plato’s book the Republic. So far I think it’s been going quite well, I enjoy the modules most of the time and naturally I have a lot of work but I think giving my opinion in the form of an essay hahaha its easier than arguing with another philosopher, trust me hahaha :-p

To be honest though not much has happened since starting back at university. I’m becoming closer and better friends with the people on my course and with my initial friends I made in the first semester which is good and basically all I’ve been waiting for has been this week. Now again like usual you’re probably wondering what the title has to do wit this blog post, well I’ll tell you.

My boyfriend has just finished his visit here and he was here for a week. He came in time for our first Valentine’s day together which was magical ❤  I pondered the idea of writing a Valentine’s day post, however everything felt too typical, like I’ve written these things before and although this has been my first Valentine’s day with someone, I do have advice on the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s whether your in a relationship or not. Yet I decided against it, I thought any advice I could give wont match the thought and effort you should put in to make the day special 😉

While my boyfriend was here with me we explored Bangor a lot more and other parts of North Wales such as Llandudno which was awesome, and naturally we spent a lot of time together just hanging out and having fun in each others company 🙂 It has been the best week ever and I wouldn’t have changed a thing ❤ we ate so much food!!!! Oh my God it was amazing!!!! There is nothing better than eating food and chilling with your boyfriend either watching a movie or playing a game or simply hugging 🙂

Another reason for not doing a Valentine’s day post was because of all the mushy stuff I would have written about hahaha XD He means so much to me and when he’s with me he just makes everything so much better. We actually enjoy food shopping when we are together! He makes my life better and I love that…I love him 🙂

Bluuuuuuuurrrrrrr ok enough with the mushy stuff haha but honestly this week that I’ve spent with him has been the best and I can’t thank him enough for making it so special 🙂 From now on its back to work really BOOOOOOOOO but it has to be done and if I keep focussed enough then the time will fly and I’ll be able to see him again 🙂 Actually I’m looking forward to starting work, getting organised again, writing done ideas and so on, I’ve got a lot to say and an essay with 2000 words to say it in hahha XD

I hope you’re all doing well and I’ll speak to you soon 🙂

Alice x


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