Gifts from my Boyfriend

My boyfriend is the kindest, sweetest, funniest and biggest idiot you could ever meet 🙂 Now babe I know you’re reading this but you also know what this blog is about! I was told on the 18th of December that my Christmas present from my boyfriend would become the longest Christmas of my life. Basically, I was to receive a present everyday from Christmas to the day I got back to university. This was insane! What had I done to deserve this special treatment?! He’s an idiot, but a lovely one 🙂 Each present came with a clue as to what was inside and everyday I had to sneak outside, grab the gift that he had left outside my house and then run inside and unwrap it without anyone noticing. It was a super secret ninja mission! He knew how much I loved Christmas and therefore the concept was designed to make Christmas last for as long as possible. So without further ado I’m going to go through the gifts that he got me for Christmas 🙂 I mentioned that I’d tell you guys about my boyfriends gift at the end of my Christmas haul post, which you can read here ->  This is why, because he hadn’t given me all of his gifts yet! Oh and sweetie by the way, they aren’t gunna be in order, sorry but I’ve forgotten the order so they’ll be in the order of when I remember them hahaha :-p and also sorry if I miss any out but I think I’ve remembered them all :-/ So anyway I’m gunna stop talking now, here we go!

1. Got to keep up to date: Now 89 CD and Can’t wait to go there one day: Kingdom Keepers Book

So these are the gifts I got on Christmas day. I love the CD because my sister collects the Now cd’s and I always had to borrow them from here if I wanted any songs, I’ve never owned my own and now I do 🙂 and Kingdom Keepers is a series of fiction books based on the Disney World Parks 🙂 It is an amazing series and he got me the next one in the series 🙂

2. iT is jusT perfecT for you! #funTimes: T-shirt

I am in love with this t-shirt! I think it was bought for 2 reasons: 1 because he likes me wearing t-shirts and 2 because of what it says. This t-shirt I baby pink and it say “I might be wrong but its highly unlikely” hahaha XD its tooo true and his clue is very clever capitalising the T’s because it is a tee! get it!

3. Cus sleeping is the best: Maleficent

I’ve been wanting to see this movie for so long! I’m such a Disney fan and this film is amazing! It was amazing story and great acting and it is highly recommended 🙂

4. You could say Xmas is magical…: Merlin DS Game

We are both huge fans of the BBC TV series merlin and that’s actually the first thing we connect over, so I got this DS game to relive the magic of the series once again 🙂

5. I don’t know its just cool: growing tree

Now I hope I’ve got this clue right, I’m pretty sure I have, but yeah basically this tree grows crystals around it in a matter of hours apparently. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m excited to see what happens!

6. Some people are worth melting for: Anna Funko Pop!

A lovely frozen quote as my clue and if you don’t know what a Funko Pop is, its a little figurine that looks super cute! I got Anna because its become an on going thing that my older sister is Elsa and that I’m Anna hahaha 🙂

7. Cus…it’s you…cute! Duck book

This is a little book of…well ducks and hey are actually postcards 🙂 they are so adorable, I love ducks and its such a cute little book 🙂 I will be using them as postcards too haha 🙂

8. Cus it’s amazing! I want it! It doesn’t explain anything: X-men days of future past

Ok to explain the clue, basically I watched the Wolverine and I saw that Professor X was alive and Magneto had his powers and I was just there like “wat is dis?” I didn’t understand and it just made me want to watch tis film so much! But apparently according to the clue it doesn’t explain anything! So I had to watch the post credit scenes of all the films in an attempt to get an answer. I go my answer…I ain’t gunna say I’m happy with it but I got it non the less hahaha :-p anyways I’m a huge nerd and this film was an awesome gift 🙂

9. You are never too old: Bobby

Now you have probably just read this and thought “I don’t get it” well let me explain. Bobby is my fluffy toy penguin and my mum thinks I have too many fluffy toys and that I shouldn’t have more because I’m too old. Well my boyfriend disagrees hahaha and I agree with him! Bobby is soooo cute! I love him 🙂

10. Every girls best friend: chocolate

nom nom nom nom nom! I love chocolate and at the time I wasn’t feeling 100% so this was the perfect thing 🙂

11. You said you wanted one! this is the best I could find! snap me ;p : hat

…not just any hat…a turkey hat…it is literally the ugliest thing I have ever seen, but SOMEONE thought it was hilarious!…will never be worn hahaha XD soz sweetie but I ain’t being seen with a turkey on my head!

12. Cus Christmas never has to end: spray snow

Spray snow is a great thing to have to make your Christmas tree look festive and to turn those boing, bland ornaments into something better 🙂 I will be using this next year 🙂

13. Feeling like a kid is ducking brilliant: Lego duck

This was so fun I got a little Lego duck set so I had to construct a mummy duck and baby duck from tiny little Lego pieces 🙂 so cute and so much fun 🙂

14. Cus Bobby felt lonely: Buddy

…Buddy is a fluffy toy reindeer…he’s so cute! Bobby and Buddy! awwwwwwww ❤

15. Cus we missed it: Begin again

Begin again is a film that both of us have been wanting to watch for a long time, we didn’t catch it in cinemas and now that I own it we can both watch it together for a movie night 🙂

16. Cus family comes first: Sylvanian families

I got this really cute set of this little Sylvanian family kitty with a picnic blanket and its just adorable I love it sooo much 🙂

17. It’s a Doolan necessity: Dory

This clue was all written in Disney text by the way, the effort was appreciated sweetie, and I got a little Dory from finding nemo 🙂 another cute toy…I’m a child I know haha XD

18. Cus it was buy one get one free ngl: Fault in our stars

I love his honesty haha its fabulous haha 🙂 He knew I’d have seen the film with my friends and I do like the film so even if it was bought because of the deal, I still like the gift 🙂

19. Cus I’m one of those music guys sorry: ITunes vouchers

Always a good gift, as you should know from me by now and I haven’t spent it all, I’ saving it for a rainy day 🙂

20. Surprise: Animal crossing: new leaf

This was a day of choice, we went shopping together and he said that I was allowed to choose basically anything and he’d get it for me. I had so much choice I couldn’t choose! and since when did people basically buy their own presents!? well long story short, obviously the two children ended up in toys r us, cause we are so cool like that and we debated for ages cause I really didn’t want to choose. So he decided in the end, he picked animal crossing cause he knew I wanted this game so much and I haven’t stopped playing it since hahaha!

And that’s it! over 20 gifts! it was an insane Christmas but awesome at the same time! Sorry sweetie if I’ve forgotten any, I’ve purposefully left some out because they are private haha but they were amazing too! I’m so lucky to have him in my life and I wont spill anymore sappy stuff on you guys cause you don’t wanna hear it hahaha :p Anyways I’ll speak to you guys again soon, hope you all had a fabulous day 🙂

Alice x





12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Haul

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I know it’s a little late but Christmas was busy and now that I have some time to chill I thought I’d write the final 12 days of Christmas blog post! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and as some of you might have guessed I’m going to finish up on a Christmas haul just to match with my wish list that I do, and so you guys can get a little insight into what I like and got and stuff hahaha 🙂 Ok lets start off with my stocking!

Christmas Stocking: Mikado, dark chocolate rings and a Yankee candle

christmas-presents (10)

So the stocking is always the first thing to be opened and in my house, my sister comes into my bedroom and we do them together before going to see mum and dad 🙂 As we’ve gotten older my sister and I have been wanting food to appear more and more hahaha so we were lucky and I got some awesome treats to have in my little food stash in my room 🙂 Also I got a Yankee candle which smells great, mine is true rose and at the moment it is making my bedroom smell very nice indeed 🙂

French Friends: Hat, Scarf, colouring book and colouring pencils

christmas-presents (1)

We have French friends that we’ve known for a while now and each year we obviously exchange presents. This year from them I received a hat and scarf set, with the hat being a beret 🙂 when we send our gifts we try and send each other cultural things, so we’ve sent British things and they send us French things, so this was very nice 🙂 and then I have a colouring book and pencils which have not only French sites to colouring in, but also it says on the front that it is a sort of stress relief which we thought was funny especially as we are students hahaha 🙂

God Parents: Ted Baker wash bag

christmas-presents (2)

My god parents are so very generous, I know Ted Baker is expensive so I’m very grateful to them. I will use this but also be very careful with it hahaha It’s a lovely gift and I love the pink colour 🙂

Aunty, Uncle and Cousins: Lip Gloss, Money, Hamper, and chocolates

christmas-presents (6)

So this section includes all aunts, uncles and cousins together. I got this lip gloss set which is very nice, and from the same aunt I got money which is always handy as you all know, then we got a couple of hampers which contain cheeses, drinks etc which the whole family share and the same with the chocolates 🙂 nice little treats there which are good because they are things that you wouldn’t typically get for yourself which is good 🙂

Nan and Grandad: Soaps, Benefit make-up, and voucher

christmas-presents (5)

My nan and grandad on my mums side got me the soap set and make-up which is great because A it means I don’t have to buy soap for a while and B I don’t have to buy make-up for a while hahaha XD This also came with a free make over by the benefit team so I’m super excited to do that at some point 🙂 Then my nan and grandad on my dads side got the whole family a voucher to spend on whatever we want which will be a nice things for us to do together 🙂

Sister: Kimono, duck purse, rubber duck, Anna doll, Sherlock all 3 seasons, hat, shirt, charcoal set, and tinker bell mirror! EVERYTHING!

christmas-presents (4) christmas-presents (8)

OH MY GOD I GET TREAED TOO MUCH! This was amazing! I love my clothing that I got, she knows exactly what I like 🙂 and Sherlock!!!! She definitely knows what I like!!! I go such a cute little winter hat too :3 then little things like the mirror and the duck purse and the rubber duck hhahaha literally everything I love here hahaha XD an new art set and art style that I’m excited to try out and the Anna doll from frozen because she said that I was her Anna :3 aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww too cute!!! She’s amazing and I’m so grateful!

Mum and Dad: chocolate, writing set, scarf, make-up brush, Disney pin, piano CD, Super Smash Bros and a Keyboard!

christmas-presents (3) christmas-presents (7) christmas-presents (9)

Wow! I mean wow! First of all chocolate, you basically cant go wrong hahaha XD my scarf if perfect for the season especially with the tartan style which I love 🙂 Then this posh writing set that I’d love to try out to feel really historical hahaha XD its just so much awesome stuff! I got this make-up brush, and Disney Pin and THE THINGS I WANTED! I got super smash which I’ve been playing no stop and finally a keyboard! With a piano CD so I can learn how to play it properly! It’s amazing and I love them all so much!

So that is my Christmas haul! These are all the things I got for Christmas and I love it all and I’m so grateful! ….Oh what my boyfriend? Did he get me anything? I’m leaving that for another blog post sometime soon and you’ll see why 😉 I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and that you got everything you anted and more, I’ll see you soon with another post, but until then Merry Christmas guys!

Alice x

12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Eve

So today is again just another little chat between me and you guys, hey how’s it going? you all good? I’m obviously excited and keeping myself occupied by writing this blog until tomorrow, the big day….IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

Christmas eve is always that sort of day where it just seems like it’ll never end! You are so close now that you just want it to go by in a blink.

Today I spent my time with my mother mainly, ummmmm we went to our local shops just to pick up some present tags and then we spent time together wrapping presents and writing cards, we then ate ummmmm then my dad and sister came home and my mum and I went on a travel around town delivering the presents and cards 🙂

We came home and Amy told us Muppets Christmas Carol was on TV which is a great Christmas film that my dad in particular loves 🙂 So we sat and watched that, then Toy Story 3 was on right after that so naturally we watched that too, and now we are just chilling as a family together and I’m writing this while listening to some music 🙂

The mission is to keep myself occupied until I go to bed so I’m not just waiting for Christmas and so I’m not wishing the day away. However I have the internet, YouTube and my beautiful boyfriend on the text to keep me company until I fall asleep  🙂

I am very excited for Christmas as you all know and I literally can not wait that’s why I’m trying to keep busy haha but its a great anticipation process, I love the wait really because it makes the day all the more better 🙂 I am very childish about Christmas but that attitude I have towards Christmas, especially as a teen, has been said to make others feel the same childish excitement about Christmas that they once had, which is just so amazing for me because I don’t think people should lose the Christmas spirit just because they are older; they should be excited about the festive season because it brings people together and errrrrr I don’t know its just a fun, happy time of year that shouldn’t be lost with age in my opinion.

Anyways I’m going to spend the evening with my family and watching YouTube until I fall asleep and wake up on Christmas morning 🙂 I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas everyone! 😀

Alice x


12 Days of Christmas: Christmas films

Another list and this time its of Christmas films, now there are a tone of Christmas films to enjoy but I prefer the classics 🙂 They create that loving relaxing family atmosphere in warm house when its so cold outside. They make me feel all festive and ready for the season so if you haven’t watched these great films before, I recommend that you give them a go 🙂

1. Miracle on 34th street – Such a classic film and a different story to what is typically seen. Yes although set in the prime location for films which is New York City, Miracle of 34th street proves to us that no matter what you want for Christmas, if you believe in Santa and if you’ve been good you will get what you asked for no matter how unbelievable the request may be.

2. Elf – A Christmas comedy, Elf is about Buddy who is a human raised in the north pole and eventually he goes to find his father and family in, you’ve guessed it, New York City. Buddy has to adapt to a different world than he’s used too, but this film brings together family and shows that no matter the distance you will find  your home and loved ones.

3. The Nativity – another comedy film about the children’s production of the nativity play, except this time Hollywood are involved. This film is a hilarious watch that’ll leave you in tears from the outrageous antics that this primary school class get up to as they prepare for this school play. The moral is never give up on your dreams, believe in yourself like others do, and share the love for Christmas.

4. Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House if Mouse – This film will bring you back to the classic Disney channel show House of Mouse where Mickey and his friends attempt to create a Christmas spirit within everyone, even Donald. This will hit you right in the childhood with the characters you love all coming together for Christmas time. Christmas spirit is within everyone and that’s what this film demonstrates.

These are my absolute favourites, again I could go on for ages about Christmas films so I tired to make this list a little shorter hahaha Let me know what your favourite Christmas film is down below and I’ll see you tomorrow on CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! …I’m not excited hahaha bye guys 🙂

Alice x

12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Quizzes

I thought I’d give you guys some Christmas quizzes, just because 1 I forgot I had to write a post today and 2 I don’t want to be typing much at this time of night hahaha XD I promise I’ll write something better for tomorrow, I might even possibly do two posts just to make up for this crappy one hahaha XD

so here are some links to some Christmas quizzes for you guys and I’ll see you tomorrow with hopefully a better post than this hahaha XD

Scroll down to the bottom of the pages to find the answers 🙂 Sorry again, but have fun with them, tell me how you use them whether it be because you’re bored or whether I’ve just saved your life and have given you a great Christmas activity to do for a work party or friend get together, you know whatever hahaha XD Hope you had a great day, almost Christmas now! See you tomorrow 🙂

Alice x

12 Days of Christmas: Our Christmas Day

So in my blog post about Christmas memories and traditions I mentioned something called “our Christmas day”. Now if you didn’t read it you can read it here if you like, I’ll put the link right here ->

The basic idea is that, we created a day to just chill out as a family and do Christmas activities together 🙂 and today is our Christmas day! So I thought I’d share with you some of the events of today 🙂

The day started out with all of us getting breakfast, ummmmmm we had heated pain au chocolat which was amazing and then we went on to exchanged gifts. Yes we do presents on this day but only one! Actually we do secret Santa hahaha which I know I ranted about before, but within family you have a lot more security than you do with work for example. So this year I had my sister and I got her a mickey mouse shirt which she liked but there is more to it. I made her go through layers of wrapping with some that had forfeits and others had sweets, a kind of pass the parcel concept hahahaha it was great to watch and Amy joined in well hahaha XD And I got a present from my sister which was a Disney villains top 🙂 its super awesome and everyone enjoys the exchanging of gifts 🙂

Then we went straight to watching the Nativity, Elf and Narnia (because Narnia was on TV hahaha XD) We’ve also had some great food today! My mum made a honey roasted ham, with lots of other nibbles like cheeses, olives, etc etc hhaha XD It’s been a very relaxing day, I’ve just been chilling in my cookie monster onesie all day and everyone has just been lounging around having a good time really 🙂

I think later on we are going to play monopoly, but the version that my sister made, there is a version of monopoly called “make your own opoly” and Amy made a Disney resort version so we are going to play that. Ummmmmm we are going to have tea which will be more party food I guess and then we’ll probably watch Mickey Magical Christmas to finish the day hahaha 🙂

This day gets me really excited for Christmas and you have no idea I just want Christmas to be now! So we are all in the Christmas spirit here in the Doolan household which makes me super happy and relaxed 🙂 I hope you are all feeling the Christmas spirit by now and I hope you are all having a fabulous day 🙂 I’ll see you around, it’s time to play monopoly hahaha 🙂

Alice x

12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Memories and Traditions

I’ve had many great Christmas experiences in the past which I thought that I would share with you guys along with some Christmas traditions we have in my house hold 🙂

I remember back in 2012 when my sister and I had a very Disney themed Christmas, more Disney themed than usual and when we received the final gift it was simply an envelop. So we opened the envelop and it was some sort of document, after a moment of investigation we found out that it was plane tickets to Florida and park tickets to Disney world. We were going back to Disney world for the 4th time and it was super exciting! We were so happy and pumped and immediately started planning everything! That’s a cute little special memory I remember hahaha

Also, I remember one Christmas day when I was younger and I remembered getting like 4 animal hospital sets in one Christmas which was so awesome. Not only from a young age did I understand the significance of money and how much it would have cost to buy these toys, but I was also extremely grateful to receive them from my family 🙂

ummmmmmmm by the way I’m just basically typing whatever memory I can think of as I go, so this is all spontaneous hahha XD In my house hold we often spend Christmas with my grandparents and sometimes with my aunt, uncle and cousins. It such a nice feeling to be together with family with great food and lovely gifts and just having so much fun 🙂 In my aunts house, they all open their gifts individually so the all just open their own gifts on their own and then carry on with their day kinda thing. However, in my house we open presents one at a time and we watch the person open the present so we can see their reaction and know what they got and from who so its very different. Therefore when we are over my nan and grandads, we make sure that we use our tradition simply because I want to see what my family gets and I want them to see my reactions and I don’t know it makes Christmas last longer which obviously I like a lot hahaha

In my house we have something called “our Christmas day” too. Basically my dad used to work a lot during this period and then at Christmas you had to be with family and do certain things and there was just no time to relax . So we invented this day as a time for us as a family to do whatever we wanted to do 🙂 Its a great thing because its just the four of use spending time together and that’s a really nice, special and relaxing time 🙂

I’ve received lots of amazing Christmas presents over the years such as: Sylvania families, playmobil, a pillow that can play music that was pretty awesome, ummmmm my 2ds, iPod touch, art supplies, you know just a lot of lovely things that I am so grateful for and over the years I hope that I have been able to please the people I buy presents for, because its not all about the receiving. I really love giving, because I want to make other people happy and I want to give them something special or fun, you know something they are really going to love 🙂 I’m looking forward to this Christmas and I hope they are too 🙂 Now I really gotta dash because I’m seeing family tonight to create some more Christmas memories 🙂

Alice x

12 Days of Christmas: Secret Santa Rant

It’s the Christmas edition of the rant section and today I am talking about secret Santa. Now don’t get me wrong, the concept behind secret Santa is a perfectly good one but everyone knows that it never goes that smoothly.

First of all, the people that you do secret Santa…you don’t even know them! Lets take real life examples here, most of you must have done this at work or something like that and you get that one guy, lets call him Steve, you get Steve and you have no idea who Steve is! And quite frankly you don’t want to get to know Steve!

So now you have to think of something to get Steve, you want it to be nice and get him something that he might like but the fact that you know nothing about Steve makes it pretty difficult. So you think you’ll get him something generic like a gift card right? So great that’s that sorted…oh so you thought

See with secret Santa some people think that they will get you a joke gift instead, which you don’t want and you don’t see the comedy value in! Especially as you have bothered to make at least a little bit of effort to get Steve, the person you do not know, something that maybe he’ll like and you get this rubbish!

Then you have to act grateful! Like you enjoyed the joke! Like you think the gift is great! When you don’t! And its all to keep the harmony within the place of work! There should be a rule that states that you must at least attempt to get the person something that thy will like. I mean come on, secret Santa can be stressful because you are trying to please the person you have, even if you don’t know Steve, and it just simply isn’t fair.

Not to be a Christmas grump, but secret Santa can be a great idea. It can cut down on costs which is obviously good around the Christmas period, but its also very difficult to get right and it can be an annoying when your are actually trying and others aren’t.

Huh never mind hey, we’ll all keep doing secret Santa anyways whether we enjoy the processes or not. If you have any secret Santa stories you want to share, leave them in the comments below and we can all rant about it together hahaha will be posting again tomorrow 🙂

Alice x

12 Days of Christmas: Advent Calendars

Now with how much I love Christmas you can imagine how exciting it is for me to get my advent calendar and to start the count down for Christmas! This blog is just gunna be a casual chat kinda thing hahaha ummm yeah I was just planning on talking about advent and the count down to Christmas really hahahaha XD

This year my parents sent me my advent calendar in the mail hahaha I was planning on buying my own but ya know this is my parents we are talking about here hahaha they wanted to treat me apparently hahaha XD I was happy to receive a Thornton’s advent calendar which was amazing and better than the poundland frozen calendar I was planning on probably getting hahaha XD

So today it is the 19th December and that means its only 6 days till Christmas! I can’t wait for Christmas, my boyfriend knows he saw me today and was watching me strop around my house about how much I want Christmas to come now hahahaha XD Though advent calendars make the build up to Christmas so much more exciting 🙂 It’s so nice to start the day by opening a little window and seeing a cute little Christmas picture and getting a Christmas chocolate 🙂

I remember when I was younger I got a playmobil advent calendar which involved me getting a different playmobil piece a day to build a little Christmas scene. It was so cool! I basically got a toy everyday! It was awesome! My scene was of some children playing ice hockey which was really cute and I super loved it 🙂

This year I’m so excited for Christmas, mainly because I get to be with my family and after you’ve been away from them for 3 months, you learn to appreciate them more and your love for them grows so much stronger so I’m just looking forward to spending time with them 🙂

Anyways that’s all I got hahaha I don’t know I just wanted to write something more relaxed tonight and I thought this was a great time to do it 🙂 I hope you are all having a good Christmas season and I hope you all had a fabulous day 🙂

Alice x

12 Days of Christmas: Favourite Christmas Treats

Everyone knows that Christmas is a great time for food. We all have our favourite Christmas dishes and its most likely that our nan or mum is the one making the most amazing food at this time of year. I have my own favourite Christmas treats that I thought I’d share with you 🙂

Ginger biscuit are so special because the ones that I buy in particular are only around at Christmas time. I’ve had them ever since I can remember and they are so delicious 🙂 So they are a soft ginger like biscuit with a thin layer of chocolate on the bottom, then covered in sweet icing and finished with sprinkles. They are amazing and I suggest that everyone tries them! They aren’t a super strong ginger taste for anyone who doesn’t like ginger, and they are just a nice festive treat 🙂 I get them from lidl by the way haha XD

Now many people drink J2o’s all the time, but its only at Christmas time that my parents buy them. So for me J2o’s are a Christmas festive treat 🙂 Obviously J2o have many different flavours and everyone has their favourite, but at Christmas time you have to get the glitter berry J2o! They have the sweet taste of berries with the touch of glitter added to them which make them look magical 🙂

Another drink I enjoy is something called an ice cream float. Now I don’t know how many of you do this but this is basically where you pick your favourite fizzy drink and add your favourite flavour of ice cream. Currently in my household we have coke or lemonade with mint choc chip ice cream. Its super tasty and sweet and cold and thick and mmmmmmmmm yummy! 🙂 If you’ve never done this before I suggest lemonade and vanilla ice cream to start you off with, then you can experiment with your own flavours 🙂

Twiglets are a crisp like treat that have a marmite flavour to them. These are great, but not for everyone I guess because of the marmite flavour to them :-/ But if you’re a fan of the marmite then these are great! you can have them in a little dish on the coffee table and you’ll slowly see them disappear as people in the house start taking them to nibble on through the day hahaha

Finally, cinnamon on toast is my favourite Christmas day starter to have before my Christmas meal. When I was younger I was such a picky child! So when all the adults were having a real starter, my mum would make me cinnamon on toast which is a mix of brown sugar and cinnamon put on butter toast. Really lovely and a great little treat to have around Christmas time as a snack, lunch or starter to your Christmas meal hahaha

So there you have it, these are some of my favourite Christmas treats to have in the festive season 🙂 If you try any of these out or if you have your own favourite Christmas treats, let me know what they are down below 🙂

Alice x